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09-10-2012 | Posts: 667
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I had posted about a year ago about a VHF only antenna suggestion, since WOCK-CD is somewhat important (primarily to watch America One on occasion on WOCK-CD 13.4. I currently use an Antennacraft CS600 VHF only antenna & a Winegard HD9032 UHF only antenna (actually 2 UHF antennas, since I originally planned to use 1 of them for South Bend, IN stations as well). I had the VHF antenna at the top part of the pole, with the UHF antenna lower. I got WWME-LD on RF 39 with no problems in the winter, but lost it when the leave bloomed. Since trying for South Bend stations are on hold, here's my new dilemma. I have since moved both UHF antennas up toward the top of the pole, & paired them together. I now get WWME-LD again, but now that the VHF antenna is where one of the UHF antennas used to be, I no longer get WOCK-CD on RF 4. It looks like for that sole VHF station, height mattered.
I also use an RCA pre-amp, model# TVPRAMP1R, which has separate VHF & UHF inputs, & is set to separate since I got these antennas (was originally set to common when I used my old Philips VHF/UHF/FM antenna).

Now I would like to know if I should consider placing my VHF antenna on a different pole at about the same height as my UHF antennas, or consider getting a new antenna? I have no problems with WLS-TV on RF 7 or WBBM-TV on RF 12. Since I want WOCK-CD, any combo antenna would have to be an all channel VHF/UHF antenna. I might even be open to the possibility of even replacing my UHF yagi antennas with an 8 bay antenna as well. I had a 4 bay antenna years ago, & liked it a lot. I wished I had taken better care of it. My current 2 bay Winegard HD-1080 picked up a weak signal of WWME-LD without a preamp. That antenna is just for WYIN, since it is needed to lock in the station, or it drops out a lot on any antenna pointed toward Chicago.

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Too bad I didn't get any advice from people on this board (the other site at least commented, though I didn't get the answers that would have helped me). I ended up replacing my Winegard HD9032 antenna for the Antennas Direct DB8. I also moved my VHF only antenna back to the top of the pole & get WOCK-CD in again. The DB8 is mounted just below that, & not only did reception improve on WCPX (Ion), but I get WWME-LD again, along with W25DW-D & WESV-LD (WOCK-CD, WESV-LD, WWME-LD, & W25DW-D only come in with a pre-amp). Even WLS-TV's UHF signal improved with the DB8. I also replaced the cables, which helped. Replacing the cables alone would not have fixed the reception problems with the Winegard HD9032. From my experience, it's good for stations in the 20's, & 30's, & the 50's, but horrible for channels in the 40's (WCPX on RF 43 & WLS-TV on RF 44 were the worst with that antenna, & sometimes WTTW on RF 47 was a problem too). I only wished I had bought the DB8 last year when I was replacing my combo antenna, instead of getting the Winegard HD9032. I wish there was a bigger all channel VHF only antenna available, but since I have my Antennacraft CS600 up at the top of the pole, I at least get WOCK-CD in again, while the DB8 is getting all full power, & most low power stations again, all at 80% or higher.
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Did you try asking the questions in your local reception thread?
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I don't remember if I did. Even if I did, I don't believe I could be as detail about it, since the Chicago board is about Chicago broadcasts. As for another board, some people thought I was wasting my time on trying to get WOCK-CD, since it's on RF 4. If I didn't show interest in America One, then I wouldn't have worried about it. I do know that for WOCK-CD (or any Class A or any LPTV VHF that's under 1kw), that my VHF antenna must be at the top, since their signal is a lot weaker than most LPTV UHF stations. If WKQX-LP on RF 6 ever goes digital, I'll have no problems getting that station, since they have a CP to flash-cut to digital at the same 3kw, since I got WBBM-TV when their pre-transitional digital channel was 3, & they were at 2.8kw. Keeping the Antennacraft CS600, but going with an Antennas Direct DB8 changed what I get.

I got my channels back that I care to watch (WOCK-CD on RF 4, mainly for America One on 13.4, WWME-LD on RF 39 for Bounce on 23.2, while MeTV on 23.1 is also available on WCIU 26.3). The others: W25DW-D on RF 25 & WESV-LD are just gravy. Those 4 mentioned require a pre-amp to get, since the signal aims less signal toward Indiana for UHF, while WOCK-CD is too weak to pickup without a pre-amp. WDCI-LD on RF 30, WMEU-CD on RF 32, & WHNW-LD on RF 18 don't need a pre-amp, since their signals are much stronger in my direction, but I only watch WMEU-CD on RF 32, since it's MeToo (MeTV for just Chicagoland, but also available on WCIU 26.4). WHNW-LD is World Harvest TV, WDCI-LD is Daystar, WESV-LD is Estrella TV, & W25DW-D on RF 25 has HSN (Home Shopping Network) on the main channel, along with a bunch of subchannels I don't watch, including LATV, which changed channels again, SonLife, and a new one coming soon, Punch TV.
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