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09-10-2012 | Posts: 197
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So, I've done this with the old style Direct TV receivers but I had a standard def unit. I recently signed up and when I signed up I put in all HD receivers, and none of them have a coaxial out...

No problem, I just hooked up the rca cables to my vcr and tried to use the coaxial out of it...

Uhm, it doesn't work. Nothing.

So I put the rca cables directly into my tv and used the video in input and it works... But, my tv is across the room, and I don't want to use the rca cables I need coaxial as that is what is already run inside my walls...

I would buy a RF modulator, but my vcr is already doing that and it doesn't work... Any ideas?
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Does your tv not have HDMI connections?
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Yeah, but, this receiver is in my theater, and I have another TV right next to it, that is only coaxial in and I want the signal to go to both, so if I am playing a game on the theater projector, I can watch the game on directtv on my old tv.
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You do know that not only will that NOT be HD, but it will be quite horrible in general, and really defeats any reason to go HD?

And also "RCA" doesn't mean anything...elaborate. RCA is nothing more than a general description of a cable type. But, it could be composite, analog audio, digital coax, RGBHV, or component...all use "RCA" style connectors.
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09-10-2012 | Posts: 197
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My direct tv HD receiver has RCA output (video and stereo audio output) and HDMI out.

I have the HDMI going to my video receiver which projects on my projector. But, I have a TV in my arcade right next to my theater, that I would like to put the video signal.

I thought I could just use a RF modulator (like the one on my vcr) to change the signal from the RCA cables coming from my HD directTV receiver to the coaxial cable and plug it into my standard def tv in my arcade.

it doesn't work...

If I run RCA cables across the floor and into my tv that does work, but why won't the VCR output from the HD Direct TV receiver work through the coaxial on the VCR?

It is like DirectTV made the HD receivers not work through coaxial even if you convert it with a VCR?
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Are you sure you had the VCR set to the composite video input, and sending it's signal out over the coax? Sounds like you had something set wrong because this does work and many people have done it.

Be aware that now with DirecTVs HDGUI you will get a nag screen telling you to change the resolution of your TV on the standard def outputs when you have the receiver set to output HD. Also if you tune to a channel that is using HDCP to protect it's content (right now HBO, Cinemax, and I think all the other premium movie channels) and have your AV receiver/projector turned off the DirecTV receiver will see that something is hooked up to the HDMI cable, but not completing the HDCP handshake so it will shut off all video ouputs and tell you to switch to component video.
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07-16-2013 | Posts: 1
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Check on the back to see if you have a DVI connection. There are cables available from Amazon to convert HDMI to DVI for about 8.00
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