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10-05-2012 | Posts: 1
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Hi everyone,

I know this is the best place to ask questions about HDTV's, so before I go pick one up today, I need your expertise.

I have a choice between a 46" Sharp Aquos w/ Sony Media player for $450...or a 40" Toshiba for $425.

Here are the links:

Sharp Aquos:


I have a feeling the Sharp is a steal, but I want to make sure since I don't think its the Quattron.

I'm looking for the best picture, contrast ratio, and overall performance.

Thank you in advance.
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10-06-2012 | Posts: 2,469
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Every tv has their pro and cons, and there are too many brands to go over. Sharp and Toshiba are very good names, but the Sharp seems like the better deal. Going with a bigger TV is always better. I would be weary buying something off of Craigslist. For a hundred bucks more, you could probably get a new TV in the store.

I have 3 different HDTV's in my house: a Mitsu 57"DLP, a Zenith (LG) 42" LCD, and a Pansonic 42" LCD, and all have performed well.

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