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05-09-2013 | Posts: 3,348
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Is it possible to combine Verizon Fios TV signal with UHF signal so they can be run through a single cable and then split out at the TV's end? I know when I had Directv I could do this with a SAT/UHF/VHF combiner. Possible with Fios?

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I may be wrong but I think that FIOS uses the same 5 MHz to 1 GHz bands that cable operators use, if that is the case then no It will not work.
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It depends, first of all, on the specific frequencies your local FIOS service uses. If you don't know this technical detail, then do not screw with this idea.

Most likely, there will be overlap and it will not be feasible.
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FIOS definitely uses the SAME TV Channels as Cable, including many of the SAME Cable boxes. If you try to combine weak OTA signals with very strong FIOS RF Coax Signals they will be squashed. AND, since you have connected an ANTENNA to the FIOS cable, even with 20-40 dB Reverse Isolation in an RF Combiner, the very strong FIOS RF signals are going to be splattered all over the radio waves, potentially interfering with OTA reception, and also AIRCRAFT flying overhead....until an FCC Strike Team beats down your front door...
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I'm going to take that as a no smile.gif
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I am doing something like that with Comcast ClearQAM and UHF channels off the air. I have a dual channel digital tuner off each source then have a PC running DVBlogic DVBLink server combing those two sets of sources into a single "source". I can then send any of those channels over the local network to any device for viewing. If you had smart/DLNA TVs, you could view directly or you would need a small box to connect to the network and send to the TV.

I just got things crudely set up in the last couple of weeks and it does seem to work. Still have a fair bit of work to do to get all the channels combined to eliminate the duplicates and get the program guide information correct. But it was nice to see full 1080i video streaming around the house over the network cable without any delay, and this with an 8yr. old PC as a server, pulling a signal off an HD HomeRun network tuner and sending it back over the same network to another PC.

So I am combining two different signal sources and sending the combined signal to a TV over a cable, just that the cable is ethernet (or WiFi) and not RG-6.
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4crawler do you have a link to more detail on your setup?
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So what 4crawler is doing is not merging the two feeds (Cable and OTA/UHF) but instead has dual PC tuners on both feeds, which are then serving the 4 received services over IP networks to distributed PC (and other DLNA devices) around the house?

Loads of us in Europe do this with our OTA, Cable and Satellite feeds (DVB-T/T2, DVB-C and DVB-S/S2 respectively) - and DVB Logic's Tuner Virtualisation stuff (TV Source) is great for this (with excellent Windows Media Center integration)
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So I would need a windows PC and a tuner card per source? Or can one PC have multiple tuners?
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