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Senshi Kazumi's Avatar Senshi Kazumi 11:56 AM 05-31-2013
Family had new DirecTV boxes installed and I still need to watch it on a tube tv.
The receiver doesn't have a coaxial or vga input and my tv doesn't even have a vga (and obviously no hdmi).

I need a way to watch the new box on the same tv.

What cords, etc. are needed??

mikepier's Avatar mikepier 01:54 PM 06-01-2013
Does the DirectTV box and tube tv have composite outputs and inputs? They are usually Yellow,Red,White jacks.
joed32's Avatar joed32 07:28 AM 06-02-2013
Yes they do and if the old TV doesn't have those then an RF modulator would be needed. Composite from the box to the modulator and coax to the TV.
Beerstalker's Avatar Beerstalker 12:00 PM 06-04-2013
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