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I am currently a Comcast subscriber with 2 added TiVo HD Premier units that I pay extra for. I will always keep Comcast for my ISP but I have been thinking of making the move to Directv and would get get some good solid feedback from users.

I purchased a new 70" LED TV and when you start to go bigger you notice little imperfections in the HD feed with that size TV. I have heard (whether true or not) that Directv's HD signal is a lot nicer due to them not compressing the HD signal and you get a true High-Def picture from Direct as opposed to Comcast.

That is one MAIN point I want to touch on and find out how true it may be and if Diretv's HD picture quality is in fact better then Comcast.

Also in general how good is the Directv service, quality and speed of their equipment? I have been a devout TiVo user for about 8 years now and Love it ... but lately it seems slow and sluggish and from the video I see on the Directv Genie boxes they seem very fast and snappy ... that's one thing I hate with the current TiVo premier HD box is the slowness of it.

I hate change but I like fast in my equipment and the new user interface on Direct seems Very Clean and nice and I like a nice looking smooth UI as well (TiVo is nice and clean to me ... is Directs better?)

I know almost nothing about Directv and they lock you in for 2 years ... So I have to make sure it's an upgrade for me in all aspects (the HD PQ and fast UI is most important) and it's worth making the jump and being stuck that long without being able to try it first.

I am a HUGE football fun and am very excited at the fact I would have Sunday Ticket as well with DTV ... They have a great deal for a 4 room full DTV Genie unit with free install and 3months all paid channels with free Sunday Ticket ... plus they have a great discount the first year and now a discount for both year 2 and 3!!! I would save a couple bucks the first year and pay maybe a few bucks more for the next couple years after that then what I am paying now.

The things I see about Directv Genie that I like are that 4 rooms with one main hub so I can watch HD in all rooms and access my recordings anywhere (I have 2 rooms with TiVo HD and the other 2 are SD) I have conflicts all the time with my TiVo so being able to have a 1tb drive and also be able to record up to 5 shows at once I would never have to worry about conflicts anymore which drives me nuts during like the fall season with tons of tv wanting to be recorded. The user interface looks nice lie the TiVo does and from what I can tell from some videos I have watched the DTV seems faster ... I go nuts navigating my TiVo premier cause it feels SO slow most of the time ... would have to have snappier response and more speed when browsing around etc. etc. .... Overall there are advantages to DTV from what I can tell but I would lie to get some thoughts from you guys and hopefully some of you out there moved from say Comcast / TiVo like me to DTV and give me your thoughts.

I know that Comcast varies from area to area in how good quality is but overall I would think it can't vary to much but I do understand that is a variable I need to take in to account as well when getting feedback.

I am pleased with Comcast and have really not had much issues with them over the years like MANY other things I read on the net so that is not a issue for me ... Really it all boils down to HD PQ, The user interface vs TiVo and how fast the unit responds and if it's snappier then my current seemingly sluggish TiVo premier.

I thank you guys for all your thoughts and feedback on this and I look forward to all your replies.

Lets try and keep this thread to your experience with these two services and more solid replies instead of "Go with Direct" or "I hate Comcast" Etc. Etc. .... I have MANY threads with all that and I would like to keep this thread informative and with good thoughts and feedback in the replies.

Thanks so much guys!!! smile.gif
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Pretty sure your answers are in this thread already:

In a nutshell, D* will have better HD PQ, but you'll never top a TiVo interface.

Locking this thread since it's the wrong section for your question.

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