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KristianThu's Avatar KristianThu 01:32 PM 10-21-2013

Hi guys! My name is Kristian and i am new to this forum.

Been having some problems with my TV for quite a while now.

The problem is auto dimming or something and i cant seem to figure it out. it doesent happen when i watch tv because it only happens when the picture has complete black parts in it. when it does it dims it down heavily. I have gone through every settings and turned off motion lighting, dimming stuff, dynamic contrast, basically everything i could find. i have also tried finding something in admin menu or what its called.

I really appreciate it if someone has some advice here


Otto Pylot's Avatar Otto Pylot 03:20 PM 10-21-2013
You might want to post this in the LCD or plasma forum that is specific for your tv. You'll get better responses there from other actual users.
DrDon's Avatar DrDon 05:57 PM 10-21-2013

This is not a TV set section.
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