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11-24-2013 | Posts: 1
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I have an old 32" Vizio that has been connect to TWC cable box for years.  Now I want to move it to just a plane coax drop from TWC. When I connect the coax to the DTV port (plug and play) on the Vizio it goes blank.  I think I have a bad DTV port.  So, I am wondering if I can somehow take the coax drop and convert it to HDMI. I hope that the HDMI port is working.  Has anyone performed this task?  And if so, how did they do it.


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DTV port? You mean the coax screw in connectors?

First, did you run a scan? It would need to scan to see the clear QAM channels TWC might provide (not to mention any legacy analog channels if there are any.) It could be the coax works fine, it just hasn't scanned yet.

If you did scan and it is a bad port, you would need a QAM tuner to tune channels before converting to HDMI. The Samsung GX-SM530CF can tune that, in addition to having a cableCARD slot for any channels that may be encrypted (though this requires cableCARD rental from TWC, typically a couple of bucks per month.)
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What he said ^^
So, I am wondering if I can somehow take the coax drop and convert it to HDMI.

That's basically the point of a cable box.
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