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I need some HDMI cables and wondering about cheap thin cables vs. the thicker ones with extra shielding. I've used the thicker ones in the past and they are a little harder to work with than the thinner cables and heavier too. Thicker ones often say to defend against interference. I've used thin ones before and never had a problem well as far as I could tell. Any specs I should pay attention too ? thanks
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The go to answer is always use certified high speed HDMI cables. Period. Certified cables from reputable mfrs such as Monoprice, MediaBridge, or Blue Jeans will suffice. DON'T buy the grossly overpriced cables that places like BB like to push. You won't get any better quality or performance. High speed HDMI cables will meet and exceed current HDMI specs and are fine for the newer HDMI 2.0 spec that is starting to appear on some devices. Passive HDMI cables are certified (guaranteed) to meet HDMI specs up to 25', but can work at longer lengths. If you want to use thin cables which are really flexible and put absolutely no strain on the HDMI input, you can go with Redmere cables. They are a bit more expensive (but not much) but are very thin and flexible because they are active cables in that they have a small chipset in the sink end (tv side) that draws a little bit of power. That way, the wire gauge is smaller and the cable length can be much longer and still maintain the high speed specs. The downside is being as they have some electronics in them, they can fail like any other electronic device. I use two, 10' and one, 6' Redmere cable and they have been just fine. I'm not real convinced on the interference issue for most simple home setups. Unless you've got a real mess of cables in a very tight and enclosed environment or are running them next to other electrical wiring I don't think interference will be an issue.

Cable mfrs make all kinds of claims to sell their products. Gold connectors, double insulated shielding, etc, and most of that is marketing b.s. If your cable run is 25' or less, certified high speed HDMI is all you need. For short runs, you can probably get away with smaller gauge wiring if you want flexibility and don't want to spend the money on Redmere cables.

One last thing., who is the licensing body for HDMI, asked cable mfrs to not use the hardware spec in their cable descriptions a few years ago. IOW, there is no such thing as an "HDMI 1.4" cable. It's either passive or active high speed. There are standard HDMI cables but most people just use high speed. The "1.4/2.0" is the hardware spec version, NOT the cable version.
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Digital either works or doesn't work...if you see a signal on the thin cheap cable then it's not going to be any different with an expensive thick cable. The only difference is in longer runs where signals may attenuate out on cheaper thin cable but work fine on better built cables.

So the short answer is that if you plug in the cheap thin cable and it works, you ain't going to see diddly squat of an improvement changing to a more expensive cable.
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 ! have bought two sets of these and they seem to work fine. Audio and video are good. $8.99 for three 6ft. 3D and 1080p ready cables

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