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DMHenrie 05-11-2014 05:45 PM

I am remodeling my family room, moving all my equipment to another part of room, and redoing all my wiring.
In the process I am running wired ethernet lines from a router on opposite side of house, to the equipment, I never had wired ethernet at TV before. (I had poor signal wireless)

I have:
Direct TV H24 HiDef DVR. This has an ethernet connection point on it.
Direct TV "CINEMA CONNECTION KIT" black box (I do not know what this does, it is a powered box between DVR and dish). This also has an ethernet connection point on it.
Samsung HiDef TV, with an ethernet connection on it.

Do I need to run separate wired ethernet lines to all three points???
Or just the TV for it's functions,and one of the Directv points??
If only one Directv point, which one?

I want to start running the wires this week.

Thanks in advance

PS... also, do I still need the phone line on the Directv receiver?

bac522 05-11-2014 06:22 PM

Depends on what the Ethernet ports do on the equipment. I'm not familiar with those product so I can't say if every device needs to have Ethernet/internet connections. You can always just run one Ethernet cable and then use a small Ethernet switch switch if you find that all the devices need Ethernet/Internet connections. This is basically how I do it, one physical Ethernet cable to my TV, then an Ethernet switch that I plug my TV, Roku streaming box, & HTPC DVR into.

Otto Pylot 05-11-2014 06:54 PM

What I did to extend my ethernet connection was install CAT-6 cable in a conduit (for easier cable pulls in case I need to repair/replace the cable(s)). I then installed 8P8C wall connectors. The router side is connected via an etherent cable from the wall to the router. In family room where the HTS is, the connection is ethernet from the wall to an 8-port Giga switch and then ethernet to my devices.

acesat 05-11-2014 10:29 PM

Run a network cable to the TV to use it's smart capabilities if it has any like netflix.

The Cinema Connection Kit connects your entire directv system to your LAN. You should only connect the CCK to your network, not both. And you don't need a phone line. If you did it right you can press the dash button at the bottom left of the remote and it will tell you if you're receiver is connected to the internet.

Beerstalker 05-12-2014 02:09 PM

Most likely you have the wireless cinema connect kit, and it is hooked up to your home internet service over WiFi. If the new location has poor WiFi signal then your cinema connect kit is probably going to lose it's WiFi connection, so you will lose all the functionality you get by having your DirecTV system hooked up to the internet (Genie Go if you have it, On Demand, ordering PPV by remote, etc). You can hook up an ethernet cable to the DirecTV cinema connect kit and it will turn off it's WiFi and use the ethernet connection instead to give you all that functionality back. I would suggest adding a cheap gigabit ethernet switch at your new location. That is much easier than running extra ethernet cable through the conduit and will accomplish the same thing. Get a 5 port switch and you can hook up your TV, your Cinema Connect Kit, and any other devices you might add later on down the line (ROKU, AppleTV, gaming system, etc).

DO NOT HOOK UP AN ETHERNET CABLE TO YOUR H24 doing so will turn off the internal DECA adapter built into it and it will no longer work with Whole Home DVR, On Demand, etc.

DMHenrie 05-14-2014 06:47 AM

OK, thanks.. I think what I have is the connec t kit, and that is what provides the wireless connection. That is what i am going to eliminate with the wired ethernet. So then basically I should run one ethernet cable from present router, to new family room location. Attach it to a small switch, and then to TV, Cinema connect kit, and to the bluray dvd, and NOT to the H24.

I do have another question.. the way the house is setup,
I have family room with the > dish to swm to walljack to cinema connect box , to H24 to TV.
In kitchen room it would be > same dish, same swm, to a walljack, to an H20 to TV.
Temporarily I moved the tv/cinema kit/H24 to another room and running a long cable to the wall jack. When the contractors came today, i disconnected the cable from the wall jack, and THE OTHER unit (the H20 in kitchen) stopped working.
Why ?

acesat 05-14-2014 07:56 AM

Never ask for help by saying something "stopped working". What error code are you getting? Did you unplug the power inserter?

Not to sound like a jerk or anything, cause I get calls all day every day from people saying "it's acting up I don't know what happened it's just acting up" and it's no help at all when trying to identify a problem. as a contractor any support I give over phone or internet is unpaid so I cut right to the chase

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