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Question Will Panasonic c-p55gt50 work in Europe?

Hello everyone,

Firstly I would like to say Hi I have just joined the forums. Secondly apologies, I am a complete technology moron.
I really need some good advice but in the simplest form due to my stupidity.
I am from the U.K and my wife is moving here from the U.S. She has a Panasonic plasma hdtv model tc-p55gt50. is this compatible and will it work in the U.K. I have been getting conflicting advice. Some say no due to PAL vs NTSC, others say that doesn't matter now both countries are digital. I have digital cable t.v with virgin media not a digital antenna although I can have one fitted. I have called them twice first time said yes the t.v will work second time they said no it wouldn't. I understand that the voltage is different as are the hz in the U.K. If i got a voltage step down adapter would that suffice?. If it won't work with cable t.v will it work if connected to apple t.v?

I am totally confused and can't seem to find conclusive yes or no answer. Sorry for my lack of knowledge and again sorry if this post has already been covered, I just wanted an up to date answer as things move on quite fast and the t.v is less than a year old. I did search the forum here first before posting but couldn't find anything relating to this t.v and the question I have.

Thanks Steve
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The simple answer is the TV would not be very useful in the UK. The issue is that TV signals used in the UK have a 50 HZ frame rate and most US TVs will only work with 60HZ frame rate signals. See Moving to Europe with HDTV?
The Apple TV device might be made to work but most of the US internet TV shows can not be received outside of this country.
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Panasonic Specs and User Guide weren't very revealing other than it is designed to work on 60 Hz power and may or may not work on 50 Hz power with a simple transformer....carefully check the MARKINGS on the back of the HDTV to see what you're up against:

If there are any cooling fans and it's 60 Hz only, the fans will probably NOT provide adequate cooling when spinning at the lower rate...and although unlikely, the power supply voltage MIGHT not quite meet design requirements.

Per Panasonic eHelp Manual pg23...also see 24/60 Hz in Table of Supported Formats on pg24:
"The HDMI input terminal can be used only with the following video signals: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p. Ensure that the device being connected to the TV can produce one of these video signals."

So the interfaces PROBABLY will NOT accept 560i/p (non-US formats) and hence the RELATED assortment of SD and HD at 25/50 Hz frame rates. Hence it is very unlikely to work with Euro spec DVD/BD Players (etc) or OTA/SAT/Cable Tuners/DVR's.

HOWEVER, there are "NTSC-to-PAL" Interface Converters, incl. HDMI for HD signals with varying quality for the conversion....check appropriate threads for what works and doesn't....esp. whether encrypted interfaces are supported and in which direction(s)....sorry I can't help you with this aspect of the problem.....

You are in a better location to determine if you have access to HD SAT Receivers that ALSO output 1080i/p or 720p at 24p (some should) that the Panasonic would happily accept....but it's probably unlikely that there are any DVB-T or DVB-C Tuners/DVR's that also provide this output option.

But it isn't a TOTAL loss if you meet the AC power requirements. It should STILL be able to Surf-The-Internet, provide SKYPE Video Conferencing and display DLNA Multimedia playback from nearby Computers when attached to YOUR Wi-Fi system (fortunately, Wi-Fi is almost the same worldwide). It will also continue to play back HER collection of US Region Code DVD's, Blu-Ray Disc's and Games that probably WON'T PLAY on YOUR players (unless you have a UNIVERSAL Player) and will continue to work with US version Game Systems or Internet Players (for those functions that work outside the US Border).

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The UK VERSION of Panasonic's GT50 line (with a "B" on the end of the part number) appears to accept 24, 50 and 60 Hz input frame rates per fol. review article...but that doesn't PROVE the US VERSION also supports all three:

CNET Review of US VERSION indicates (per Key TV Features Table) "Refresh Rates" of 48 Hz and 60 Hz (probably obtained from Panasonic since it isn't in their specs), which would be compatible with 24, 30 & 60 fps...but NOT 50 Hz:

So you have to be VERY CAREFUL when reading Review or Blog articles to determine WHERE and hence WHICH VERSION they're using....
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If you have a PC with an HDMI output, then connect this via HDMI to your TV and see what refresh rates are reported to be supported. If you don't see 25 or 50Hz options then your TV is likely to be incompatible with European frame/field rates.

If that is the case you won't be able to use the vast majority of European cable, satellite and OTA receivers, as they won't output a 60Hz signal when receiving a 50Hz source. Some satellite receivers (not always easy to use with Pay-TV - though in some countries like the UK and Germany there are strong free-to-air satellite platforms) will convert 50Hz signals to 60Hz, and you can buy converters that will convert a 50Hz source to 60Hz. The quality is pretty awful though. If you care enough about picture quality to watch HDTV and watch Blu-rays at 24Hz rather than 60Hz then the terrible motion artefacts introduced by a frame rate conversion are likely to be very noticeable and not very acceptable. Products like Apple TV, PS3/4, Xbox 360 etc. will work as they can output a 60Hz signal. Because in Europe you will have a European IP address, you'll get the Netflix relevant to the country you are in (if there is one). Any Smart TV application in your TV may well be limited, or not work at all if the content it is accessing is geo-restricted by IP address. European Smart TVs often load the relevant apps for the country they are in based on their IP address (I took a "Smart" Blu-ray player from the UK to Sweden - albeit virtually - did a factory reset, and the UK specific apps were uninstalled and the Swedish apps installed instead. Which was quite useful.)

If you see 25 and 50Hz refresh rates then great news, your set is likely to work with European sources.

However if you buy a TV in Europe, it is guaranteed to work in the US with US frame rates, as European licensing means that all sets sold with the "HD Ready"/"HD Ready 1080p" or "HDTV" logos on them have to support both 50 and 60Hz refresh rates (and just as in the US, many support 24Hz also) All of my TVs bought in Europe include PAL and NTSC composite compatibility, HDMI 480i/p at 60Hz, 576i/p at 50Hz, 720p at 50/60Hz, 1080i at 50/60Hz and 1080p at 50/60Hz. Most also support 1080p at 24Hz. This means I can watch US and European DVDs, Blu-rays, play PS3/4 games at 60Hz and watch European SD and HDTV at 50Hz. Buying a set in Europe and taking it back to the US is a much safer thing to do than buy a US TV and bring it to Europe.

The one thing that won't work either way is the tuner. Europe uses DVB-T/T2 OTA and DVB-C for cable. The US uses ATSC 8VSB for OTA and ASTC QAM for cable. There are very few (if any) sets with tuners that support all of these.
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I would guess not. My Panasonic LCD(and Sony and Samsung) will NOT display 50Hz, they display something to the effect of non supported format. It's my finding that lesser known/cheaper brands are more adpt to support 50Hz than the big names. Brands that I've tried(with at least one model) that do support 50Hz are: LG(I was surprised about this one but it was a smaller(28") less known model), Vizio, Insignia and a Funai made Magnavox.
It's my belief that the cheaper brands tend to make models that will work in as wide an area as they can, big names like Sony and Panasonic sell so many TVs in N. America that they can make specific models for each market. Of course either way the tuner will NOT work with anything other than a TV meant specifically for Europe, you'd have to use a line output tuner for your N. American TV. It's also possible the TV may have a universal power supply and not say so for whatever reason, but before plugging a marked 120v device into a 220v socket I'd want to make damn sure it was tested or verified. My multi system international Panasonic DVDR only shows 220v 50hz but the seller guaranteed it to work with our power supply and it has been just fine. I'd be far more likely to try a 220v device in a 120v socket than the other way around if I wasn't really really sure. If in doubt use a step down xformer, I wouldn't be as worried about the 50/60hz frequency difference with modern power supplies but others may feel differently.
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Cross posting is not allowed on AVS, so continue this discussion in the other thread you started.

U.K vs U.S

Walking the fine line between jaw-dropping and a plain ol' yawn.
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