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jaypb's Avatar jaypb 04:05 PM 03-21-2006
Originally Posted by HerbL

I have had the RCA 210 for about 14 months now.

I have had, and still have similar problems that you describe.

I have frequent audio dropouts and occasionally the 210 will lockup necessitating a reboot.

I also get the "insert a valid access card" (when turning the unit on) about once every three weeks.

I like the 210, but these intermittent problems are annoying. I understand others have had similar problems as well.

I know lthat many people had DTV exchange the unit for a new one, only to experience the same problems with the new unit.
Honestly I wouldnt' even think to return this STB! I started out with 3 Hughes E86's (I still have 1 and gave my father another other one, with the 3rd one crapping out and being replaced by this RCA last year) and have learned to live with each STB's annoyances, nuances and such.

It was just the oddity of seeing this box lock up when it went to digital 5-2 that freaked me as neither my HDTIVO or my E86 exhibits the same issues in that regard. Plus I need a STB with a VCR mouse control "out" so I can turn my RCA DVR (non-TIVO) on/off via the mouse. The new D* boxes dont' have this feature anymore and very few of the "newer" older STB's have this feature.

To each his own...... :D

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