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09-06-2011 | Posts: 4
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My box may have died. The power lights up green but the signal light stays red. The "Please wait" screen displays, the screen flickers and the "please wait" display comes back on. This continues until you unplug the set, as the power button wont turn it off. I tried reinstalling the USB file but it didn't do anything. Is it toast?

I am a fan this box so much, I bought another one without a remote from Ebay. Flashed it and am back up just in time for NFL.
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09-27-2012 | Posts: 3
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Don't give up on a dead Box. I just went through the same thing. Bad bulging caps failed which took out CR2 and DZ1. It cost a couple of dollars to fix. Thanks to Wally94087 ,dogleg69 and others. This is a great little box.

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