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BenSternlieb's Avatar BenSternlieb 07:10 PM 10-20-2007
Just switched from an "plain" cable box from Time Warner to their HDTV Service. The box they provided for this is a

Scientific Atlantic Explorer 4250HDC

I've used HDMI to hook up directly to my TV (A Samsung LN-T3253H). Everything more or less worked when I initally hooked up and booted the cable box (though I did have to fish around to activate HDMI audio).

However, I've found that returning after having the TV off a while results in an error screen with the following contents:


Your TV does not allow display of this program through the DVI input source.
Please choose another TV input source.

I've seen 1 or 2 other posts with similar problems. So far it seems likely to be the Cable Box, not the TV. I'm calling Time Warner now, but has anyone else had this problem?

I can "repair" by rebooting the cable box, but this requires 2-5 minutes! And the problem then reoccurs after a viewing hiatus.



trainboyjon's Avatar trainboyjon 02:18 PM 10-22-2007
Hey there, i'm a cable installer and i've run into the same problem.. your not alone, and no fix that i've found so far.. i'll keep ya posted though
csrusso's Avatar csrusso 04:46 AM 10-25-2007
I just received the same box from TW Cable yesterday and received the same error with
the HDMI cable.
After speaking twice to Customer service, they say that this error should be
fixed on 10/29 with a software upgrade sent to the boxes.
JayJayPG's Avatar JayJayPG 02:54 PM 10-29-2007
I am also having this same problem with this Scientific Atlantic Explorer 4250HDC cable box and I am receiving this error message on my 46" Sony Bravia XBR4. I will try again tonight to see if this update has come through and corrected the issue.
DD40's Avatar DD40 08:18 AM 10-31-2007
I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 4250 HDC that is doing the same thing.
As of this morning, 10/31/07, it is STILL doing the same thing.
I have to unplug it, and replug it, and wait over 10 mins to get TV if:
1. I turn off the cable box
2. I turn the TV off for any extended period
This is really starting to annoy me.
If anyone finds a solution, please email me: dan(at)
jayger79's Avatar jayger79 07:06 PM 10-31-2007
Since I received this box, its been giving me the same problem...TimeWarner customer support is so horrible when it comes to this problem, they have no clue on how to solve it. The new Firmware was suppose to fix it on 10/29, that just seems like something they told people to calm them down, because I haven't seen this message disappear. If anyone hears of something that can be done to solve this problem please help, I know I can return the box and get a different brand and model but for some reason the picture quality looks better on this cable box.
DD40's Avatar DD40 07:00 AM 11-01-2007
I got this from Time Warner (along with a DVR version of the cable box):

Mr. Dixon,

In reference to our conversation today, Time Warner Cable will swap out the OCAP HD controller for an OCAP HD DVR with no charges for the DVR function. This will provide a temporary solution to the present issue with having to reboot the OCAP HD controller every time it is turned off and completely reload all firmware. We realize that this 15 minute process is quite long each time you turn on your television.

This replacement is considered a temporary solution and is set for 6 months. If you haven't heard anything by the beginning of April concerning the OCAP HD controller, contact our Customer Care Center. We will check on the status of the OCAP HD with the HDMI connection.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 1-800-425-2225.

jayger79's Avatar jayger79 02:10 PM 11-02-2007
well time warner is trying to fix this problem for me, I keep you guys posted.
burtonct's Avatar burtonct 12:58 PM 11-06-2007
Time Warner Cable just left after installing my 4250 HDC with HDMI...and sure enough, I come back home after errands, and I get the same error message. I tried to hook it up through component cables and the screen is all messed up.

Here I go trying to call Time Warner Cable...keep the tips/solutions coming!
jc1234's Avatar jc1234 04:57 PM 11-06-2007
I've got 3 HD tvs hooked up to Time Warner Cable (raleigh) boxes. An older Sony Wega on a DVR (Explorer 8500 HD)which works fine. A Samsung LCD on an Explorer 4250HD which works fine, and a Sony LCD on an Explorer 4250HD which constantly throws the GS511....code. I switched the 2 4250s, but still only the Sony Bravia has problems. I also have the Sony Bravia hooked up to a computer, but I doubt switching video sources would have anything to do with the code. Also, I notice I can't reboot the HD box when it's broadcasting the error code just by holding down the on-off button - I have to pull the power cord. It's strange since it seems to have to do with the Sony Bravia though and not the Samsung.... I'm going to see if there are some other posts out there regarding Sony only issues....
rkim1119's Avatar rkim1119 07:05 PM 11-10-2007
how can we fix this problem it happened to me..
redskull's Avatar redskull 08:12 AM 11-18-2007
Have the same problem with the 4250 hdc on my sony bravia via hdmi. Called Time Warner and the representative said they are still waiting for the patch to address the hdmi problem. She said they thought it would be ready by the end of October but it still has not been released. The solution for now is to either connect via component or get another box. She said they would be happy to swap the box for different model but if I could, to try to hold out for the patch because the 4250 will have a lot of new capabilities. I do like the look of new menu/ but definitely not worth me having to sit through a re-boot every time I turn off my tv.
joeyp42's Avatar joeyp42 06:39 PM 12-06-2007
got the same error message. TV was working great until I decided to switch from component to HDMI; all went to hell. I noticed after scrolling through the inputs on my TV and turning it and the cable box on and off repeatedly it would eventually work fine with HDMI; until the next time I turn it on and then it repeats with the error message.

So then I unplugged the HDMI and tried to go back to normal with component and yet I still receive the same error.

Unfortunately I got tired of being on hold for 20 minutes so I still havent had a chance to speak to the great customer service team at time warner.

so frustrating.
TVBroken's Avatar TVBroken 12:58 PM 12-07-2007
I just spoke to a customer service rep at TWC who claimed that my HDMI cable was incompatible with the system, and I needed to purchase a compatible HDMI cable. She didn't specify beyond this what that could possibly mean. She did, however, say that they are upgrading the firmware "as we speak," and if I hook it up in an "hour or two" it might work.
opinions's Avatar opinions 12:18 PM 12-10-2007
Tried hooking up my new Samsung LCD to the 4250 and am having the same problem you are all having. Each time you turn it off you have to reload the software again which takes 10 -15 minutes. A call to TW service took them 2 hours to respond yesterday and they were of no help. They said they never heard of this problem. They said I should call Samsung or Best Buy to help me. After reading about your experiences, I'm returning the box tomorrow and demanding a new, different box.
ohgom's Avatar ohgom 09:34 PM 12-10-2007
I also have exact same problem. Based on what I found, only way to get rid of this message is use component cable to hook up this stupid SA 4250HDC.

I spent last Friday night and Saturday to deal with this unexpected problem with TW.

Based on what I read so far, Scientific Atlantic somehow can not figure out how to solve this problem. Some of TW customer service represtatives have been notified their customers new update(patch) will out soon. But that was like couple of months ago.... They have been keep saying update is coming in December but no exact date. So there will higher chance it will push back to next year.

Top of that, bunch of moron TW customer service people add more frustration for their HDTV customers since they have no clue when it comes to HDTV issue. One of TW customer service represatives asked me which channel I was in. What a moron...!! I tried to explained I was in HDMI 1 input source and she didn't understand what I am trying to saying then. Anyhow, majority of TW customer service will blow off their customers either saying HDMI cable is incompatible or your HDTV is not good and contact manufacturer for further help...blah blah blah... So prepare....^^

Comparing to HDMI set-up and component set-up, component is not meeting my expectation. PQ is not good compare to HDMI. Audio is horrible. I read some people said HD-DVR set top box is working or Samsung set-top box also working.

I have TW tech come in tomorrow, I will let you guys know how it turn out although I don't really have high expectation that this tech could solve my problem. I feel extremely lucky if I see right mind tech to help me. I know it's out there somewhere but I haven't had that luck yet.

It's very frustrating... If they can't figure it out, I may have to switch to Direct TV.

What really furstates me is that, TW is not acting fast enough to solve this problem. And we all know this year is for Flat screen TV. They should known better to take care their customers' need.
ohgom's Avatar ohgom 08:58 PM 12-11-2007
Well.. Service tech came today. At the end, he replaced my SA 4250HDC to Samsung SMT-H3050. With Samsung set-top box, I have no problem with GS511_HDCP_DLG error. That error message does not appear with Samsung set-top box. Only minor complaint I have is that PQ is somewhat less clear than SA 4250HDC. For time being, I rather have Samsung box for now but i will check from time to time see if TW updates firmware for SA 4250HDC. Once that happens, I will replace Samsung to SA 4250HDC. Technician also told me that HD-DVR with HDMI hook up works too. but it cost extra unless customer keep complain....or annoyed hell out of CS then they may give it out for free. I consider myself lucky to get Samsung set-top box because cable guy told me that TW is no longer getting Samsung set-top box. He was very helpful. Unfortunately he didn't have Samsung box when he arrived my house but called other technicians to see they have Samsung box. Luckily, he got me one. I am very grateful for this cable guy.
I hope this help for you guys.
Trimline's Avatar Trimline 08:55 AM 12-18-2007
I too ran in to this message with a Sony Bravia HDMI cable connection. I also had a problem when you pressed the "Guide" on the remote, a blank screen appeared. Out of frustration, I remounted the TV using an extra set of monster cables I had stored. All is well now, but thanks to Google, I found this site and the work-around.

I'd like to go back to the HDMI cable as it take a lot less space and makes for a simple installation, so should someone actually get the fix, let us know!
cfrobel's Avatar cfrobel 03:54 PM 12-28-2007
This problem has finally gone away, atleast on my Panasonic TH-42PZ700U
akak1701's Avatar akak1701 11:54 AM 12-29-2007
@cfrobel - Can you tell us what software version you have? I'm having this issue and just picked up my xbr4 3 days ago.

On thursday, TW told me that a firmware update would be pushed down and would solve it, but no luck.
KW160's Avatar KW160 09:46 AM 12-30-2007
Originally Posted by cfrobel View Post

This problem has finally gone away, atleast on my Panasonic TH-42PZ700U

What city are you in?
ohgom's Avatar ohgom 09:43 PM 12-30-2007
akak1701. I have same TV and I constantly had problem with SA 4250HDC. Go to TW center see if they have Samsung set top box. That will solve your problem. I got rid of my problem with Samsung STB. Hope this help.
mwallen's Avatar mwallen 07:40 AM 01-02-2008
Just an FYI, I am also having the same problem with the SA cable box. I'm working with a Pioneer PDP 5080 plasma TV, and can't get away from the "GS511_HDCP_DLG" error message whether I run through HDMI, or component cables (unless I reboot every time I turn it on). Thanks to all for the messages. I'll be calling TW today to start down that path. At least now I know it's not the TV.
cfrobel's Avatar cfrobel 04:10 PM 01-02-2008
Originally Posted by KW160 View Post

What city are you in?

I am in NYC Queens-West. I have no idea what software version I have, how would I go about finding that out? I was just simply shutting down the tv and cable box every night, and unplugging the cable box so that the error wouldnt occur next time I turned the tv and box on. (that way I didnt have to sit through the long reboot wait time) It was a real pain for a few weeks but one day when I tested it and turned both off and back on the error stopped happening.
E_B's Avatar E_B 05:44 AM 01-03-2008
Just another data point:

Getting the stated above error message.
TV- New Samsung LN-T4061F
STB- Scientific Atlantic 4250HDC
Time Warner Columbus, OH.

After trying to use the HDMI option I also have to unplug the power to the STB and go through the boot-up process to get rid of the message.
Component does work.

About to go into the customer service queue to resolve, will update.
E_B's Avatar E_B 06:09 AM 01-03-2008
Well, that was fast. Not satisfying but fast.

Same old "Their working on an update, not sure when" line. Only other STB available is the DVR option with the additional rental cost. No thanks, already paying more than $100\\month to Time Warner.

I was told this months STB fee would be waived.

Guess I'll look around around for a free range STB option that does HDMI but I'm not holding my breath.
KW160's Avatar KW160 06:27 AM 01-03-2008

I am also in Columbus, OH. I have a Samsung LN-T4066 with 4250HDC STB.

At least they acknowledged the problem...according to a few people on here TW has fixed this box in some cities. So hopefully it is just a matter of time before the fix comes to Columbus.
E_B's Avatar E_B 07:03 AM 01-03-2008
KW160- I certainly hope so. What are the odds they announce the fix vs me having to keep changing the feed to see if ti works yet? I'll put money on the latter.
chertens's Avatar chertens 04:57 AM 01-04-2008
I just got the TWC box yesterday, and curiously enough, the technician (who hooked it up while my wife watched) used the component video connection instead of HDMI. The picture quality on my Sony Bravia was terrible and never registered higher than 480i.

I reconnected the SA 4250HDC ( Powered by Cisco ) using the HDMI, and changed the input source on my TV and the video came up fine, and reached 1080i on available sources. I had to manually change the audio setting on the box to use HDMI, but everything seemed to work ok.

I watched a program with my Daughter for about an hour, and when switching channels I got the now dreaded GS511_HDCP_DLG page.

I manipulated my TV, the Box, and the only thing that seemed to resolve it was to remove power from the cable box (unplug, shutting it off did nothing) and powering it back up, watching it boot and reload it's operating software, reconnect to TWC's head end, and negiotiate with my TV.

It works for a while, and then I shut the TV off, return and turn the TV on and get the GS511 page.

Calling TWC this morning to complain. My brother-in-law just got an HD box from TWC and received the 8300DVR I think, has not complained of this problem.

If Cisco did to Scientific Atlanta, what they did to Linksys, this problem should not be surprising.
KW160's Avatar KW160 06:41 AM 01-04-2008
Originally Posted by chertens View Post

The picture quality on my Sony Bravia was terrible and never registered higher than 480i.


The reason you never reached higher than 480i was not because you were using the component output, but rather that the clueless cable installer did not bother to go into the settings->display->resolution menu and select 1080i as an option. (This same thing happened to my parents)

If you enable 1080i in the settings menu, you should be able to at least get good quality out of your component port until TW gets HDMI working correctly.

Please let us know what they tell you when you call them.

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