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12-31-2007 | Posts: 24
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I recently moved into a small development in Las Vegas consisting of closely spaced three story houses. First the cable company forgot to lay lines in the street so I had Dish network install their system. Unfortunatley, although they told me it would receive local HD signals it did not so I had them pull the reciever and refund my $$$. The antenna is still on the house and all the cabling goes into a smart box.

I'm only in the house a couple weeks a month so I'd just as soon not pay for cable or dish service and just recieve local OTA HD. The broadcast antennas are not too far away but the three story houses seem to block the signals. I've tried several indoor antennas and only get a few fuzzy local stations in English but lot's in Spanish!

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is a way to use the Dish Network antenna that's already stuck to the house as an outdoor antennat to pull in OTA signals. I've heard ntohing good about the Terk add ons but can someone recommend something else? Also detailed instructions on what I need to do to disable/able anything on the Dish Network dish will be very helpful. Keep in mind I only have the antenna on the building, NOT the DN receiver.


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If all you have is a Dish Network dish, no, it can't receive OTA UHF and/or VHF frequencies.
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