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07-28-2014 | Posts: 4,891
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Price: $8495 - Or Best Offer

The unit is now SOLD.

Up for sale is a Runco LS-10i projector. It is in flawless physical condition and has a low hour count of only 1100 hours. This is a native 1080p 3 chip DLP projector which means you'll get an extremely bright image that can fill a huge screen. Brightness is rated at 2100 lumens. This projector puts out one of the nicest images you'll ever see. It's tack sharp, has class leading contrast thanks to it's wonderfully implemented dynamic iris, it's color calibrated out of the box thanks to Runco putting it through a full calibration at the factory, and has no issues that a typical single chip DLP projector has such as color seperation artifacts (rainbows) and high pitch noise from a color wheel as this projector doesn't use one. We all know three chip DLP is the best out there and what most aspire to buy when looking for the best image possible. Now is your chance to own one of the best images out there for a fraction of the cost of a new unit. I have the original box and packing materials. This will ensure a safe delivery to you. This projector comes with the Proteus 3 zoom lens (1.74-2.17 throw).

This projector won's and Home Theater HiFi's projector of the year award and for good reason. Here are a few things they had to say:

Home Theater Hifi:
It’s pretty evident that I enjoyed my time with the Runco LS-10i. Its prodigious light output altered my perception of what a projected image could be. While the SMPTE standard of 12 fL looks great to me, 33 fL looked better! Even going back to my Anthem projector and bumping it up to around 18 fL was a significant improvement. Having this kind of brightness made image and color detail pop like I’ve never seen. I’ve always looked to get the most light possible from flat panel TVs; now I have the same goal with front projectors. Even in a totally darkened room, the extra punch is really enjoyable and completely non-fatiguing. I like to think it’s all about balance. If you have the proper levels, gamma, and color accuracy, you can turn up the light output higher than you might think.

Of course, a 3-chip DLP like the LS-10i is aimed at those with large theaters having multiple rows of seating and a big screen. With the flexibility of its many lens choices and easy integration into a constant-height anamorphic setup, you have a true Swiss Army knife of projectors. Throw in motorized lens controls, generous lens shift and a complete set of calibration and convenience options and I can’t imagine what feature has been left out. With the LS-10i, Runco has produced another winner and receives my highest recommendation.
Projector Reviews:

Just by coincidence, tonight, while writing this page, Starship Troopers came on HDTV, and I tuned it in. This is significant, because one of the most memorable experiences in the first year or so I was writing reviews full time, was the chance to review the (original?) SIM2 C3X. That 720p 3 chip DLP was pre dynamic iris, I believe. The point is, I had Starship Troopers on DVD (way, pre Blu-ray), and watched it on the SIM2.

I was blown away. We switched between that and my projector of that day, probably a BenQ PE8720, which was brighter than the average home projector back then. That SIM2 was very similar in brightness to this Runco LS-10. It was one of those epiphanies back then, and the LS-10d – is a reminder of the same thing: Brighter can change the game. Well, I watched the same space scene where the fleet gets blown to pieces. Truly spectacular, it just can’t be that impressive if it’s not bright!

People, we home theater projector folks have been thirsting for lumens, and the Runco LS-10 is the thirst quencher.

What I will say, is that if you want a dazzling home theater projector, and the LS10d will fit into your budget, you are going to have one fine theater. In one sense, this isn’t an enthusiast’s projector. It’s more of a super-duper, turn it on and watch it “Wow” projector.

I’ve always wanted one of those.

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07-29-2014 | Posts: 1,112
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That's a beautiful pj and a great price considering it sells for 25k new.

I wish I had the extra dough, I would be all over that!
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What's the cost of replacement bulbs?
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From the LS-10i's manual:

• Replacement Lamp (part number 997-5268-00)

You can buy them direct from Planar (the parent company of Runco) for $495 here:

That is the bulb with the housing. Just the bulb can be found for a LOT cheaper, around $150.
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Hi Seegs 108,
What would you say is the shortest screen to projector distance for your Runco and minimum screen size?I have a fixed theater space and can't change the above.
Thank you, JB
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Originally Posted by olinda cat View Post
Hi Seegs 108,
What would you say is the shortest screen to projector distance for your Runco and minimum screen size?I have a fixed theater space and can't change the above.
Thank you, JB

Let me know your screen size and I'll let you know. Without the screen width I can't tell you a distance. I'll give you an example. The throw on the lens is 1.74-2.17 so if you had a 100" wide (not diagonal) screen the projector's lens can be placed as close as 14.5 feet to the screen and still be able to fill it fully (1.74 times 100 and then divided by 12 to get feet).
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