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Czilla9000's Avatar Czilla9000 10:41 PM 08-24-2014
SOLD Hi AVS Forum,

I'm looking to sell my Optoma GT760 projector because I have "upgraditis". Offering SOLD shipped in the US, or the highest offer I receive above that. This is my first time selling through AVS but you can look up feedback for me at HeadFi via this same username.

Lots of info available on this projector online; it's great for projecting a 100" + HD image from a coffee table for very little money. I use in my 700 sq ft. one-bedroom apartment on bare white wall and get a 112'' HD image from 3 to 4 feet away. No noticeable lag makes it great for gaming on my XBox One.

I've only put - as of writing - about 600 hours on the bulb virtually all of which was in Eco+ Mode (which is plenty bright for me). The bulb is rated by the manufacturer for 6500 hours at Eco+ Mode.

Let me know if you have any questions, requests for photos, etc.


cjstanley's Avatar cjstanley 08:49 AM 08-25-2014
I'm looking for a gaming projector - this looks like it would be a good option.
Still available?
Please contact via email - cal@brunsbros.com
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