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simp1yamazn's Avatar simp1yamazn 02:11 PM 10-23-2013
I'm selling my lovely LG 50PZ950. It's in great working condition and perfect cosmetic condition. It has been used only in a non-kid non-smoking home. In addition to the TV, i'm including the LG AN-WL100 wireless adapter. This little kit allows wireless transmission of HDMI, component, and VGA signals to the TV from a remote location. In my previous set-up, I kept all my AV equipment in a closet and used the adapter to eliminate the need for long wires and avoided running multiple wires behind the drywall.

Here are the TV's basic features:

-full 1080p resolution
-TXH certification
-3D compatible
-600hz subfield drive
-3:3 pulldown for 24p playback
-SmartTV (wireless)
-DLNA networking
-Full web-browser
-two remotes (one basic TV, on motion controlled that works like the wiimote)

I don't have the original box and don't want to go through the trouble of boxing and shipping it so local pickup in the DC metro region only.

In the interest of getting this to a new home quickly, only $300!!!!

simp1yamazn's Avatar simp1yamazn 02:03 PM 10-29-2013
Bump, new pics, and price drop!
simp1yamazn's Avatar simp1yamazn 02:10 PM 10-31-2013
$350 cash!
simp1yamazn's Avatar simp1yamazn 07:13 PM 10-31-2013
$300 cash! needs to go to a good home!!!!
simp1yamazn's Avatar simp1yamazn 03:53 PM 11-02-2013
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