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NeilPeart 01-06-2014 07:40 PM

This was my first HDTV and I wish I didn't have to let her go. This model does have the Super Fine Pitch tube and doesn't have the problematic coating (which negatively affects picture quality and can start to peel) so it really looks amazing, especially at night. I had this TV in the family room for most of its life, and even with all of the ambient light I was never bothered by glare - the TV wasn't facing a window, however.

I have the original mating stand as well as the original remote. The picture is still stunning, with rich, inky blacks and whites that really pop. I have calibrated this TV several times and also gone into the service menu to reduce convergence issues. I've used the CableCard slot and it works great, along with the antenna for over the air HD broadcasts. It does have a variety of heritage ports (component and S-Video) for those older devices like S-VHS VCRs and SNES/Nintendo - it has really low input lag so that is perfect for gaming.

Due to the single HDMI port you may want to use a modern receiver or better yet, an affordable scaler/de-interlacer like the DVDO Edge, which is what I used and it really enhanced the picture further. This set still works flawlessly and I have never encountered a single issue with it - I am the original owner and purchased it in 2005. I have a top of the line Pioneer Kuro Elite Gen 9.5 PRO-101FD next to this classic tube and even side by side the picture held its own (as far as richness of color and contrast). I'm not happy to let her go but we are re-modelling the family room and my wife wants her gone. I'd rather see the TV go to a home that would appreciate the quality and care put into it, but I will Craigslist it if I have to. I am very open to negotiation on price and live in the San Francisco Bay Area (California). Sorry if the photos are bad - my camera is very old and I'm no Ansel Adams. biggrin.gif

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