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11-08-2008 | Posts: 478
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So I installed Tivo/LiquidTV last night and I'm very impressed with a couple caveats. The UI is good ol-TiVo awesomeness, the menus and controls are very responsive and have a 'positive' feel to them, its an overall better experience then SageTV for me. Granted I came from a TiVo 2 years ago and have missed it ever since so I'm biased. What really impressed me was the picture quality of HD material, on my system its better then SageTV's quality with any of the codecs it comes with.

Also my wife _loves_ it, shes gushing about how nice it is to have a straightforward usable interface again.

Couple sucky things which I imagine will get fixed shortly.
-Doesn't work with HDHomeRun even though it says it will work w/any BDA tuner, the good news on this is the HDHR people are already discussing how to solve this with Nero so that should be fixed soon. Plus the tuner it comes with works fine, plug and go.
-The guide can only be viewed on a per-channel listing basis, no grid, so you can't see what is coming up on multiple channels at once.
-I notice occasional screen tearing in HD on quick pans, dunno what the deal is here.

So in the end, if I had to buy it all over again I would but I watch very little broadcast TV (mostly HD movies) and I vastly prefer the UI, plus the WAF is very high.
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01-26-2009 | Posts: 3
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Anyone else of you tried Nero LiquidTV? "TiVo for your PC" sounds cool but I haven't had any chance to try it out yet.

They're selling it for US $124.99 including remote, a TV tuner adapter and a full year subscription of TiVo now. Sounds like a fair deal.
Does anyone have some feedback?
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