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Originally Posted by Aeneas View Post

Again, anyone who does not understand the importance of CD-IN PC audio source for TV Tuner cards, does not really use their PC to Watch TV, Record TV and Playback TV.
And only the people who do that really count here.

I have three tuners. I really do use my PC to Watch TV, Record TV, and Playback TV. I have 14 episodes of Good Eats all lined up for a cookathon party I am planning on having.

I really can both hear and watch live TV. I can pause it, record it, export it, burn it to disc, etc.

I really do all these things without using an antiquated connector to make it happen. Sound is transfered over the PCIe bus and Ethernet port.
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Originally Posted by jimwhite View Post

IGod, I swore I wouldn't feed the troll... I'm SOOOO sorry....

Here's my pennance...

I think I can speak for all mankind when I say this...keep feeding as long as that also means you keep performing pennance.

I speak this truthfully, from, yeah, from my heart.
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Originally Posted by Aeneas View Post

This message is classic paid Public Relations work.
Limiting the speech of others in public forums to protect a covert paymaster is exactly what paid public relations people do.
And when you find someone who is actually being paid to perform this role, and they do not disclose that that is their purpose, that is the most severe wrongdoing.
Usage of terms like "troll", "rant" and "conspiracy theory" in reference to the speech of another person are also classic tools of the PR business.

Another way of recognizing these people is in monitoring all the other messages they post.
Do these other message evince an explicit interest in something that a Real User would be interested in. Or some fringe nonsense they read in a manual distributed to them as the tools to perform this PR work.

A simple search on all my posts will quickly reveal the opposite.
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Originally Posted by kapone View Post

as I said in the other thread dude...I really really want what you are smoking. Seems like the extremely good stuff.

Originally Posted by Aeneas View Post

This is another technique used in PR. Anything to deflect attention from the charges made in another person's speech, if necessary through ad hominem personal attack.

There is no question that actions taken recently by Microsoft and AMI reduce dramatically the ability of their customers to Watch TV, Record TV and Playback TV on their PC using a TV Tuner device.
That should be of central critical importance to anyone who shows up regularly on a forum titled as this one this, who pose as Real Users.

Dude.....WTF ARE you smoking??? I'm here to sell something?? WHAT? Yes, I do have a company, but that doesn't sell anything as of right now. Do I work for Microsoft? Hell No. Do I get paid by Microsoft for writing stuff on forums? I wish....

Your problem is nothing more than the warped state of mind you are in.
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Originally Posted by cybrsage View Post

Here is a summary:

1. Aeneas is using the CD_IN on his motherboard (we do not know if it is an actual connector or just pins) to route his audio out of his tv tuner card into Windows.
2. He did a BIOS update without knowing what the update did and without having any problems with his motherboard. This update broke the CD_IN connector, rendering it inoperaperable.
3. He reverted to an older BIOS and the CD_IN connector resumed working.
4. He then upgraded his OS from XP to Vista and it stopped working again.
5. He then blamed Microsoft for it not working. In this instance, he was correct, for MS sets the CD_IN to disabled by default in Vista.
6. He disregards easy and clear instructions on how to enable it in Vista so he can continue to blame MS for it not working.
7. He then says MS should use its influence in the PC industry to force the FCC to force CableLabs (the non-profit group which controls CableCards) to allow PC users free and unencumbered access to everything. The managers at MS should all be fired for not being able to control the US Government.
That is basically it in a nutshell.

1) Every motherboard I have ever bought has an explicit connector on it for connection of CD-IN, from a device within the PC to the audio mixer chip on the motherboard.
Even discrete audio cards which contain replacement audio mixer chips like Soundblaster from Creative Labs reserve their most prominent top-edge position for this CD-IN connector.

2) I was misled by the motherboard manufacturer into believing that it was necessary to upgrade the motherboard to a newer version to achieve 3GB SDRAM memory insertion capability. In fact, they claimed it would allow 2GB+2GB=4GB usage.
What the BIOS upgrade does is allow the insertion of 2x2GB=4GB and still boot, physically restricting use to only 3GB of the 4GB inserted.
If the user inserted 2GB+1GB=3GB with the old BIOS, it still works.
A side effect of the new BIOS was loss of CD-IN and Composite Audio.

3) The older BIOS reflash restored CD-IN and Composite Audio.

4) I had attempted installation of Vista back in March 2008. It interfered with both identical Hardware Audio devices, CD-IN and Composite Audio.
I reported this to Microsoft but have received no notification that they even intend to fix this problem.

5) There is no reason for CD-IN to be set to disabled in Vista. The target audio mixer chips which are available for Vista, which are often termed HD Audio chips, always from those I have read have discrete pinouts for CD-IN and MIC, so they do not conflict.
Windows Vista could then select each individually, read whether the pin was floating or connected to a voltage source, and thus decide to enable CD-IN, even when it is multiplexed. No proof of such multiplexing has been presented, anyway.

6) As I have already presented, the CD-IN signal was not even in the list, to be selected. Maybe that has changed recently.
However, I have screenshots where it was not listed, running on a mothrboard which had a hard disk with alternate boot for Windows XP, which used this CD-IN device flawlessly.
Thus, what you describe does not fix the problem, because there has been no explanation of why the signal was not displayed in the list and whether that specific non-listing of CD-IN has been fixed.
In addition, no one has presented any proof that Vista has been fixed to no longer interefere with Composite Audio.

7) The managers at Microsoft responsible for Multimedia have performed incompetently for years now and should be Fired.
Microsoft in addition, on the instructions of a competent multimedia manager, should have been involved in ensuring that CableCard be defined differently, so that decryption of the ATSC encrypted stream be performed by chips agreed to between TV Tuner companies and the Cable industry so thatTV Tuner devices could seamlessly perform decryption provided the correctly keys for that card are distributed by the cable head end.
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Can we let this thread die? Please?

The OP is either sick or collecting information for a medical research paper "Herd psychosis as a reaction to an outlandish statement with no connection to reality" or something like this.

Pay attention how the word Fired is capitalized every time he's talking about Microsoft managers....

Have mercy on the guy.

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Too much senseless bickering...thread closed.
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