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jpm17's Avatar jpm17 11:28 AM 12-13-2009
Hi everyone. i am a nubie here and hope someone can help with an issue I have.

Yesterday I purchased the latest version of TMT3 (v but when I insert a bluray dvd into the pc I cannot see the video/picture (ie just a blank screen on playback). But the sound plays ok. The blurays are both purchased ones (The International) and some recorded from a panasonic blu ray dvd recorder.

The film is playing but the screen is black. If I pause the playback and take a screencap by clicking the camera icon, even though there is a black screen showing it does capture the actual picture. I use AnyDVD also.

I have the latest video driver installed and have checked that there is no update for the software on the Arcsoft site, which there isn't. I have also ensured I have the codecs required. Although if you feel that could be the issue please advise me. However, given the screencap works, even though the actual screen is blank, it would suggest the codec is ok.

My pc is:

HP Media Centre
Intel RCore(TM)2 CPU 6600@6600@2.40GHZ
Radeon X1650SE video card.
Windows Vista

Your help is appreciated


cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 11:42 AM 12-13-2009
Have you tried it without ANyDVD running in the background?
jpm17's Avatar jpm17 12:43 PM 12-13-2009
Yes, just tried that but no success. Is it possible the one of the codecs I have previously saved to the pc could be causing the problem? But looking at my 'add remove programs' it was a while ago. I have also tried playing the dvd in vlc media player and it states it cant render the file. Thats from the purchased 'The International' blu ray. But also applies to recorded ones. The files are all *.m2ts files. I am thinking I must be missing a codec?

Many thanks
gasherbrum's Avatar gasherbrum 07:52 PM 12-13-2009
I have the same problem. I can play DVDs all day long... but no BR.
I've tried three different discs too.

Arcsoft's website has a topic on this in their forums. About 6 other people are having the same issue.
gasherbrum's Avatar gasherbrum 06:42 PM 12-15-2009
I've discovered my BR playback issue.

It's my Sony Optiarc BC-5500 drive. I borrowed a drive from a friend and BR playback is perfect. Not one single problem. There is a firmware update but for some reason it will not install. Sony has screwed me again, I've never had good luck with their products.
curtisb's Avatar curtisb 09:47 AM 12-16-2009
Just upgraded/replaced from TMT2 yesterday and get the same blank video for BR discs and files. Running win 7 ulitmate and ATI xtx1950 connected to DVI. Never had issues with TMT2. The 'screen capture' works as well.
Tried this with anydvd on and off with no difference (other than I could no longer skip the @#$*! the trailers and such at the beginning that I could hear).
jpm17's Avatar jpm17 10:33 AM 12-20-2009
Given the hardware we have in common is the ATI graphics card, could this be the problem? It's so frustrating as I can't find a solution from anyone.
TM2-Megatron's Avatar TM2-Megatron 11:10 PM 12-29-2009
I've been dealing with this exact same issue today. I just bought TotalMedia Theatre 3 Platinum before the $35 discount expired, but I've now found every Blu-ray I try just gives me a blank screen (kind of really dark purple or blue-ish).

I also have an ATI card, an X1950. Initially I was using Catalyst 8.9 drivers, but I updated to the last ones made for my card (9.11), and it still had the same issue. I got sound, the screencapture worked if I tried, but no video whatsoever. I tried without AnyDVD, and then even the sound stopped. It's been pretty buggy overall, though. I'm thinking about uninstalling it for now, and going back to the version of PowerDVD that came with my LG drive (one of the BD/HDDVD combos).
mpullar's Avatar mpullar 05:16 PM 02-25-2010

I have the same problem with total media theatre 3 where I have sounds but only a blank purple screen with no video. The problem is related to my ATI video card. I have tried the latest drivers to no effect but as soon as I switch it for either an nvidia 8800gtx or 8400gs everything works fine.

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