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doat1's Avatar doat1 03:30 PM 01-09-2010
I have an MKV file that has subtitles, i can turn them off when i watch it in VLC player but i want to convert it to .wmv to stream to my xbox, how can i remove the subtitles? There is no .SRT file or anything but since i can turn the subs off they are not hard coded correct?

sitlet's Avatar sitlet 03:44 PM 01-09-2010
if you can turn them off, then they are not hard-coded, so you can remove them when converting. i would suggest going to, they have many different guides for converting.
doat1's Avatar doat1 03:54 PM 01-09-2010
I am checking out that website right now and i am almost trying something with my converting program to see if it will remove the subs. I will report back in about an hour when it finishes, thank you.
nihilist1977's Avatar nihilist1977 05:01 PM 01-09-2010
mkv is a container, typically in your case, a video/sound/subtitle stream merged into one file

run the mkv file through mkvmerge (click for windows download)

uncheck the subtitle portion and remux the file without the subtitle
doat1's Avatar doat1 06:12 PM 01-09-2010
Well my test failed but that mkvmerge program is awesome!! Thank you so much nihilist!!
nihilist1977's Avatar nihilist1977 07:03 PM 01-09-2010
np, also if you plan on watching many mkv's via xbox, looks like the best way would be to get them into a .mp4 file, which like mkv is a container. XBOX plays nicer with mp4 files
doat1's Avatar doat1 08:42 PM 01-09-2010
Really? I have been converting them from mkv to wmv and i get the video bitrates so it plays smoothly and when i convert i do it overnight. Some of the videos look absolutely fantastic i do not see any quality loss, i think it just depends on the resolution of the videos, the IMAX videos and movies seem to be the best along with planet earth like shows.
nihilist1977's Avatar nihilist1977 08:56 PM 01-09-2010
hey if its working for ya, leave well enough alone . yes the planet earth series was awesome, check out the new recent BBC Life series as well, narrated by the same david attenborough.
doat1's Avatar doat1 11:37 PM 01-09-2010
That is the show i have with the subtitles, i watched the first episode for about 30min and i wanted to stop because the video bitrate was off so certain parts were choppy but it was hard to stop watching.