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BMLocal175's Avatar BMLocal175 06:26 AM 07-24-2012
Well I had to get standard because I couldn't find any high speed longer than 15ft and I needed 30ft. All the reviews at monoprice said they still get 1080p with HD audio on these long runs and I'm not doing 3D.

SJMAYE's Avatar SJMAYE 01:16 AM 09-25-2012
I am having problems with my HTPC ever since moving from Comcast to Time Warner Cable. The HTPC has both a Ceton PCIe card and AMD HD5670 video card connected to a Mits DLP TV via HDMI. This setup had been working OK, but since the move I have had a myriad of problems.

The problem I refer to now is the picture periodically goes to black. It may or may not come back on. Something like when you remove the HDMI cable from the back of the HTPC. It appears to be worse on premium channels such as HBOHD as opposed to locals.

When this happens I get an Event ID 4101 "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Anyone else had problems like this?
44aussie44's Avatar 44aussie44 05:39 AM 12-21-2012
Yes i get the same event id and have a 5570 card Ceton PCIe card, and cox cable. When watching cable card programs i will get a black screen where the hdmi signal drops and then reconnects. My wife thinks it is larry the cable guy opening and closing the cable connection... I can see the loss of signal on the display then it will show 1080p when it re connects.

Also, when I am watching a recorded program the display will occasionally get what looks like the picture freezing up in little blocks, the pixels turn into green blocks and and the picture becomes un-watchable until I close media center and then re start it.
Erighan's Avatar Erighan 04:25 PM 12-21-2012
Didn't have that specific problem, but I did have the 5670 paired with an AMD 3 processor. For whatever reason, I had nothing but problems (both with audio and video) with that card. Scaling issues, audio popping, audio dropping, resolution not sticking, etc., etc. I tolerated the endless amounts of tweaking until Black Friday came around and decided to switch to an i3-3225 using the integrated GPU. Been a couple weeks and so far no issues. I know that's doesn't help, but wanted to share.
vladd's Avatar vladd 12:26 AM 12-22-2012
My 5670 has been operating beautifully since it's release. The only exception is a single driver revision where CCC was not applying overscan/underscan settings on boot. I coded a quick fix for that but the following driver revision fixed the issue.
MattEden77's Avatar MattEden77 10:54 PM 07-17-2013
Hi All,

I have had an issue with the HD5670 and my TV (Panasonic TH-42PWD8WK).

It seems to be a driver issue, as any driver up to 10.6 works fine.

Any driver newer than 10.6 gives screen corruption when booting into windows (Win7Pro 64b) and eventually crashes the system.
Connection to the TV is via the VGA port.

I can't figure out why it happens, but i think the drivers newer than 10.6 must have changed something in the VGA signal protocols that the TV doesn't like.... (if that is even possible??)

Note: If i connect a standard 24" PC monitor with the same VGA cable i don't get any problems. This is specific to this TV and card combo.

If anyone has any idea's on what might be going on, or how to get around it that would be greatly appreciated.

...or if there is no reason to go higher than the 10.6 drivers i am happy to stay with those.
(I am a self-confessed "latest driver" type guy).

Cheers, Matt
soulkeeper's Avatar soulkeeper 09:12 AM 07-20-2013
I own an ati 5670 1gb GDDR5 ..13.4 catalyst drivers...available ports DP-HDMI-DVI..

Is there any way i can play 3D (frame packing) to my BENQ 1070 as monitor and also bitstream HD audio to my old 1.3 HDMI AVR?

Using DVI-HDMI adapter i can't have 3D frame packing nor HD audio,correct?

Any chances with DP using an active or passive adapter (DP->HDMI) ?

Is there any ATI card that support this?

I think that NVIDIA cards support it...

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