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barada83's Avatar barada83 03:59 PM 06-08-2010
I want to integrate into my theater a HTPC with a dedicated lcd touchscreen display that will act as a home theater controller and a second output that will show video output. On the touchscreen I'd like to have an easy to navigate and use GUI that would incorporate automation events such as sending IR signals to lights, projector, receiver, etc based on user input. Basically, a wired version of a remote control but one that updates with the computer for browsing windows media center. Has anyone tried doing something like this? Any ideas how to make something like this happen?

tiredder's Avatar tiredder 11:29 AM 06-11-2010
I was thinking of doing something similar and was hoping to find some more info here myself.

I plan on going with a dual monitor set up
1) going to my Plasma in the living room
2) convert my old 15" Dell LCD into touchscreen with one of those ebay kits

Then clone the output and use media center for it.

Then I would also like to find a program that I can use to quickly switch between cloning and two separate screens in case somebody wants to watch media center in the living room and I wanna do some quick browsing on the touchscreen...
kapone's Avatar kapone 11:52 AM 06-11-2010
Buy the Autonomic Media Control Server and an AMX touchscreen control system and you're set. Not cheap, though.
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