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Stone Free's Avatar Stone Free 08:11 AM 01-18-2011
I have tried with 2 different PCs that come with Windows 7 to setup a custom resolution, but although the resolutions test properly the customised resolution is not selectable.

My PC is using HDMI, and my parents is using DVI but I get the same thing regardless of which one I'm using.

Where is the customised resolution meant to sit once its selectable. I seem to remember that there is two sections, the second of which is called PC resolutions.

The resolution doesn't seem to be present in the main screen but is visible once you've clicked customise.

Another question my parents monitor shows cleartype well, but mine shows it fuzzy, I can see colour fringing on the playlists in Winamp. My monitor is the Samsung B2430L, and my parents is the 2490HM.

Is it more likely that my monitor is just not as good, or is it that my parents PC is hooked up via DVI?

Axel's Avatar Axel 10:40 AM 01-18-2011
This could be a driver issue. You did not mention which one you use, but NVidia just released new ones.

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