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Trying to decide between these two cases. One has LCD display and one has VFD. Which is a better display with more customization and functionality? I would like to display mostly a equalizer and data etc...

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Neither. The display is rather useless for a HTPC.

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VFD is typically brighter and easier to read across the room, but a bit ghetto IMO. This particular LCD though is white-over-blue, not to my personal liking, am biased toward classic black over yellow displays.
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Originally Posted by bryansj View Post
neither. The display is rather useless for a htpc.
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I have the top case in your list (Silverstone LC16 in black), and it's a great case. Looks good, lots of room, and one of the reasons I went for this is the fact it has a true VFD. The LCD types are truly awful. They may in theory be more flexible, but they're difficult to read, slow scrolling and poorly built. A true green on black VFD is leagues better, and I DO make regular use of mine. To be honest, I wouldn't build an HTPC without one, but that's personal opinion.
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+++1 on the LC16. I have both that one and the silverstone CW02 with the LCD. While I lOVE the overall design of the CW, the LCD is WORTHLESS. It basically only functions for about an hour before completly freezing up and even the remote receiver stops working (of course, it could be a motherboard/power supply issue as well-it is a 3 year old Phenom gen 1 with an asus MA3 M/B). The VFD has had NO issues with 2 systems installed and it also serves as a "clock" (ie-cable box) for the date/time when the PC is off.

The only thing about the LCD display I like better is the "ICONS" for audio channels, playback, etc that the VFD does not have.

Several other "high end" consumer audio products (preamps, controllers, etc) use a vfd so it matches well with them.

I also have an Antec veris add on display on one of my servers. It seems a little more stable (NO freezing), but the included playback keys do not work well.
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