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Samaritano's Avatar Samaritano 10:48 AM 04-24-2011
I have a small media server that I built using Win 7 64 and with a LG CH10SL20 BD-ROM drive I have been backing up my movie collection.
All of the sudden the blu-ray drive would not read my BD movies. It does read DVD's and CD's but no BD's. I have tried removing it from the Device Manager and letting Windows re install it. I have updated the firmware from Nothing has worked for me. Is there anybody that has experienced a similar problem and has been able to resolve it? TIA.

dkaneva's Avatar dkaneva 01:48 PM 04-24-2011
bad lens
gorthocar's Avatar gorthocar 02:26 PM 04-24-2011
I had one of the early LG drives that read both BDs and HD DVDs. It worked fine for a couple of years, but then it stopped reading some BDs. It still read DVDs, CDs, and some BDs OK, but it wouldn't even recognize some BDs when I inserted them. Many others had similar problems with their LG drives.

My resolution was to ditch the LG drive and buy a new Pioneer BD drive.
Samaritano's Avatar Samaritano 10:07 PM 04-27-2011
I called LG and since I still had warranty on it they sent me a replacement with 2 day shipping with a hold on my CC.
The replacement drive got here today and it is working fine. Apparently is the BD laser that goes bad or a diode.
Nebiroth's Avatar Nebiroth 01:56 AM 04-28-2011
I was going to say, it sounds as though one of the laser diodes had died. BD drives have two, one red that reads DVD, the other blue-violet to read BD.

DVD's working but DB's not is absolutely typical. Most other faults usually involve both.
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