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natas777's Avatar natas777 08:23 AM 01-16-2012
Hey Guys,

I have the ceton infinitv 4 and everything has been working fine with one exception.

Every once in a while HBO channels will run really choppy. This only happens with HBO. If i reboot the machine HBO runs fine.

Any ideas on what would cause this? My SNR is fine along with everything else

HDvids4all's Avatar HDvids4all 11:57 AM 01-16-2012
What GPU are you running? I had the same problem the first time I installed my InfiniTV4. On an AMD GPU, the solution was to uncheck de-noise (actually, uncheck all the settings in the same section) in CCC.
ProAm500's Avatar ProAm500 12:18 PM 01-16-2012
i actually have the same problem... also on the discoveries with certain problems too...i guess its the 29/59 bug? I have the 6570
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