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Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 05:08 PM 05-15-2012
pics of the server and HTPC build should be up soon...
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Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:42 AM 06-02-2012
Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post

pics of the server and HTPC build should be up soon...

I ended up using an old Thermaltake ARMOR 10 bay case I had left over from a core 2 duo E8400 build years back. I took the Core2 and put it into a coolermaster Elite case and made it an office PC.

I re-used this case below for server. I had to do some drilling and mods to it but it worked great.

I added two 4 bay HDD cages... So 8 HDD's plus the stock 2 and a 2.5" SSD. Only 10 HDD's to start but I have some room for 4 more.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:43 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:43 AM 06-02-2012
This was me just messing around in the build. I actually did it different/ better as final

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:44 AM 06-02-2012
My little ATX Asrock Board looks so small in this case!

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:46 AM 06-02-2012
The Scrap pile and bone yard

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:47 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:48 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:49 AM 06-02-2012
I already had a few SATA cards.

I ended up using a 4XSATAII PCI and a 2XSATAIII PCI=X

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:49 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:50 AM 06-02-2012
Don't mind the mess or the unfinished basement. It's a work in progress. I just slapped that countertop down without even screwing it or installing it just to have a work space for a bit. lol.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:51 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:52 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:52 AM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:53 AM 06-02-2012

I ended up hacking the WHS2011 to install to a 60GB SSD I bought for $48

I won't use a HDD for anything but storage. I happy I did that. I almost used a 320GB WD blue.
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 11:55 AM 06-02-2012

It comes with a SATA end that allows it to be used internal or external when you take it apart without voiding the warranty or breaking anything.

Pretty cool.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:00 PM 06-02-2012
I also built a cheap HTPC in an APEX case with an i3

Here is the back:

Here is the top

The front with no cover on it:

Top down no case cover:

FRONT view:

The whole thing was very cheap. Less than $300

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:01 PM 06-02-2012
Some more parts stacked on top of my treadmill in the basement waiting for assembly

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:03 PM 06-02-2012
29$ and 5$ shipping makes this case one of the best deals out there.

Comes with a 500 480watt PSU and is easy to build in.

Great value for a budget build.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:05 PM 06-02-2012

I bought a pair of G630's. One I used in my personal HTPC. I ended up going with an ASROCK EXTREME Z68 + Gkill RipJawz 8GB with a ANtec 300 case and Antec ECO PSU.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:06 PM 06-02-2012

I also ended up using Muskin Memory in the server and some Crucial for another PC.
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:07 PM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:08 PM 06-02-2012
$99 is a steal for this. Great Drive for my personal HTPC

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:09 PM 06-02-2012
My HTPC case. Antec300. Nice case for the money but poor quality control.. Mine arrived defective. PITA

amarshonarbangla's Avatar amarshonarbangla 12:10 PM 06-02-2012

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:12 PM 06-02-2012

Got this PSU for $29. Nice deal

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:14 PM 06-02-2012
First motherboard I chose was Z68 Asrock PRO

I could not get it to turn on. I sent it back RMA.

Turns out it was the crappy Antec300 Case. Power button on case is broken.

I ended up upgrading the motherboard and the new board had a power switch on the motherboard. I hit that in frustration and it popped right on no problem. I later tested and confirmed it was indeed the Antec300 Case.

Antec son.. I am disapoint.

Here is the original Board before the RMA

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:15 PM 06-02-2012
Another Motherboard. Nice board.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:19 PM 06-02-2012
I also borrowed my Dad's i3 laptop because it was slow as dirt.

I changed out his drive to a 120GB SSD. Clean installed office pro and set it back up how it was with all his documents. Then returned it.

I never told him what I did. I wanted to see if he noticed. lol.

Personally I don't know how people use or tolerate these stock laptops. What a difference an SSD can make.

Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 12:40 PM 07-17-2012
I have a couple more projects I been working on including a DUAL 120GB SSD OS install on RAID0.

1000mb sec benchmarks speeds. Pretty cool stuff.

Cost me $69 x2 for two Vertex3's. So that is $140 plus tax for a 240GB SSD with 1000MB/sec transfer speeds.

Close to double that of most $140 128GB SSD's in both capacity and speed for the same price.
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