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I just made a good deal on a QX9650 processor which has an unlocked multiplier. This is great for my Asus P5G41T-M LE which seems to have a limitation of the FSB of 399 (I used to own a Q9450 and with my board I just could not get the FSB past 399 no matter what I did with voltages etc.).

I m on watercooling so I want to give 4.0Ghz a shot with the QX9650. What I want to know is how to do this so I have some questions about this

With the QX9650 an option comes available in my bios when changing the multiplier from it s default 'auto' setting to a manual multiplier. This is the so called CPU VID which can be set from 1.1375V - 1.6000V. Can someone tell me what this does and what recommended voltage is to set it on looking at my goals of 4Ghz? And also what the maximum safe voltage is to put it on?

2. FSB
What the best/highest performance value to put the FSB on (in my BIOS the FSB is called CPU freq):

333 (default) with multiplier 12 which results in 3.996Ghz
348 with multiplier 11.5 which results in 4.002Ghz
363 with multiplier 11 which results in 3.993Ghz
380 with multiplier 10.5 which results in 4.000Ghz
399 with multiplier 10 which results in 3.990Ghz

I know these values also have their influence on the speed of my DDR3 memory, 2x2 GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G. (With my previous q9450 I owned I ran my system on FSB 399 with x8 multiplier (3.2Ghz). With this setting my memory speed was 1596Mhz and it was stable).

I can set this from 1.21000 - 2.47000. I assume it will depend on the FSB I choose if I can leave it on 'auto' (default) or increase it to max. 1.6-1.7?

I can choose from 1.12500 - 1.51875 for this. What does it do? What would you guys recommend with the goal (4Ghz) I have? And what the max safe voltage?

I can choose from 1.20000 - 1.59375 for this. What does it do? What would you guys recommend with the goal (4Ghz) I have? And what the max safe voltage?

I can choose from 0.01000 - 0.63000 for this. What does it do? What would you guys recommend with the goal (4Ghz) I have? And what the max safe voltage? Also a not selectable option called 'Offset Sign' appears with a '+' when switching from 'auto' to manual.

I can choose 1.5V or 1.6V. What does it do? What would you guys recommend with the goal (4Ghz) I have?

Thanks for all input!

Asus P5G41T-M LE with 0901 firmware
Intel Core2Quad QX9650 with unlocked multiplier
2x2 GB Kingston KVR1333D3N9K2/4G
MSI GTX460 Cyclone 1GB GDDR5
OZC ModXStream Pro 600W
W7 64-bit

Some screenshots:
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333MHz x 12 = 4.0GHz is the quickest solution. If the system is stable (to check stability, run Prime95 for a couple of hours), you don't have to change any other setting. If not, you have to raise the CPU voltage slightly (CPU needs more "fuel").

Higher FSB x lower multiplier gives overall better system performance (because of higher FSB). For example, the highest-end model QX9770 runs at FSB 400MHz x 8 = 3.2GHz. But this means that memory also runs at higher clock, that may cause a stability issue, in particular if you use "value"RAM (even if you add more voltage). So you may have to lower memory divider (or multiplier). The point is make sure memory runs at 1333MHz or lower (you can check the actual memory clock by CPU-Z).

FSB 400MHz goes into the FSB 1600 *strap* (google with keyword "strap").

NB (northbridge = memory controller), SB (southbridge = low speed I/O controller, e.g. SATA, USB), these voltages are usually irrelevant to overclocking CPU. VTT = voltage at which FSB runs, may need to be raised for higher FSB. CPU VID = (default voltage)+(CPU OVER VOLTAGE), I think, that may need to be raised for CPU overclocking.
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