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psubsee2002's Avatar psubsee2002 06:29 AM 03-04-2012
Now that I have my first HTPC working as I want it (almost), I'm starting to do some tinkering and tweaking. I just found my TV has 1-to-1 pixel mapping when using VGA, so I am considering switching.

This would also eliminate my HDCP issues with my HDMI splitter to my 2nd TV (audio drops occasionally, forcing a restart), but before I switch, I am wondering are there any sources (physical media and/or streaming) that will refuse to work with anything other than HDMI that will limit functionality?

I'm thinking of things like:
1. BD discs played back with TMT5 or PowerDVD
2. DVD discs (pretty sure this isn't a problem)
3. Hulu
4. Netflix (don't subscribe yet, but I am considering)
5. Others?

Davinleeds's Avatar Davinleeds 06:36 AM 03-04-2012
Maybe BD playback. You may need Anydvdhd.
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