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jeremyhelling's Avatar jeremyhelling 09:50 AM 03-07-2012
I'm looking for some advice since I'm setting up my first NAS. I have a 1TB HDD sitting on my desk and I feel it would be better served in a case connected to my network serving up files. I have an E3000 running TomatoUSB and I need to know if there's anything special I should be looking for in a USB case to put these items together. I will likely move about 700GB worth of movies to this drive and also use it to make backups of my other folders with important files. Is there anything I should be looking for like a case that sleeps or doesn't sleep or does this intelligently or ?? I have some cheap SATA to USB connectors but these are always on and I'm not sure that's what I want here since the drive will be used occasionally. I want the cheapest option that will fit my needs that I can get away with.

Thanks for the input.

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