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khizaraq's Avatar khizaraq 02:17 AM 03-19-2012

I just bought Panasonic ae-7000 3D Projector and hooked up to my HTPC. I am using TMT (TotalMedia Theatre 5) with AMD 6790 GPU. In TMT I have selected AMD as my viewing environment and the DEPTH is set at 50% (even changing it has no deep effect)

Now my problem is:
I viewed the same source on my PS3 and same on my HTPC. The PS3 one is playing smoother, at greater FPS and the 3D quality and DEPTH is really better on the PS3. On the PC even with goggles on there is BLUR and the depth is not nearly as close.

My HTPC Specs are:
Radeon 6790
i7 980x
6GB DDR 3 Corsair Dominator Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate
Shark 007 Codecs (although TMT does not use this)
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byngo's Avatar byngo 07:49 AM 03-19-2012
Not much of an answer for you from me Im afraid,
But did you use the same HDMI spec cable in your tests and I take it both PS3 and HTPC were hooked up to the same display?

My set up is on a 46" LED but only having tried a couple of 3D movies, one of my first was the latest Haryy Potter.

I was watching it on my 3D bluray player and it looked crap.
I put it in my HTPC and it looked just as crap.
The HTPC has an AMD 6770 in it but I dont think i tried playing with TMT5 depth settings to see if anything changes. I'll try it tonight.

One thing that did happen with TMT5 an 3D bluray was that if I skipped forward the audio (set to bitstream) would crap out.
PDVD 11 worked much better but the way that TMT5 recognises a 3D bluray is much better than PDVD 11. Its not automtaic in PDVD11 and setting has to be changed manualy in the UI.

Unfortunatley, I read the reviews of this Harry P 3D bluray after I bought it and even the reviews said it was crap.
khizaraq's Avatar khizaraq 02:25 PM 03-19-2012
I have two HDMI 1.4a audioquest cables. And have tried using even the same cable for both PS 3 and HTPC to make sure.

I am not sure what to do, the result is just to different. My HTPC is really high-end, and it does not even give proper FPS. The movie has lag at some times whereas in the PS3 its smooth at a greater FPS. And the same source movie plays differently and gives different effects on the PS3 and the HTPC.

please help
khizaraq's Avatar khizaraq 06:38 AM 03-23-2012
BuMp guys need help
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