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In experimenting in Mediabrowser, for boxset tv shows, I wanted to say, play random episodes within WMC. Problem is that once I select Random in MB, WMC whines talking about it can't play the video.

Obviously I know the videos are all in .MKV format which i know WMC doesn't support. When I had the Shark pak installed it worked fine. Right now I don't have Shark installed and currently have MPC-HC as the external player for MKV's.

I know you can select to play files in MPC sequentially but I wanted to utilize the play random option within MB, and since it seems to default to WMC rather than MPC-HC for playback, I was wondering whether I will have re-enable MKV playback in WMC via Shark's pak in order to use the random playback functions in MB?
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122 views and no replies. Hmm...obviously always have to do things yourself.

I pretty much figured it out...since WMC can play .m2ts files natively with no problem I can convert the .mkv files of the tv series episodes to .m2ts, and that way MB will do the random (or all) play with no trouble. For my movies which I prefer chapter support I will keep them in the .mkv format.

So no need for me to install the Shark pak.
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