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leewcraft's Avatar leewcraft 04:56 PM 07-31-2012
My dad has offered me his old Tivo Series 2, and I was considering trying to make it into an HTPC-lite. Anyone have any experience trying to do this? It looks like they have a MIPS processor, which is supported in Windows Embedded, and supposedly Windows Embedded supports Windows Media Center, but I don't know how much work this would be to try to make it work. It does have a Cablecard-supported tuner, but I don't know if that would work with Microsoft's DCA or not. Thoughts?

gtmtnbiker's Avatar gtmtnbiker 07:49 PM 07-31-2012
The tuner will not work in Windows since you won't have a driver for it. As for installing Windows 7 embedded, it might work. I don't know. You'll have to try it.
almostinsane's Avatar almostinsane 07:55 PM 07-31-2012
ehh, what would you do? Hit F12 at boot and select to install via USB or from a DVD drive?
leewcraft's Avatar leewcraft 08:28 PM 07-31-2012
Originally Posted by almostinsane View Post

ehh, what would you do? Hit F12 at boot and select to install via USB or from a DVD drive?

I guess...hadn't really gotten that far yet. I thought maybe pulling the hard drive and using another computer to get the install files for Windows on the drive and make it bootable, then putting it back in the Tivo to see if it would be able to do an install. I haven't really done anything with Windows Embedded before, so I'm not sure if I'd need to provide specific drivers for every hardware device or if it has Microsoft drivers for common hardware components built in.
erickotz's Avatar erickotz 08:42 PM 07-31-2012
You won't get this to work. You are confusing Windows Embedded Compact (CE based, has a MIPS variant) with Windows Embedded Standard (NT based). Only WES has WMC. Aside from that, there is far more to this than the CPU.
leewcraft's Avatar leewcraft 10:23 PM 07-31-2012
I am indeed confusing WES and WEC. Thanks for the info.
billdacat's Avatar billdacat 10:32 AM 08-02-2012
Speaking of TiVO....What do you do with an a couple of old DirectTV (satalite) TiVO;s??? I wonder if there is a Linux hack or something???
captain_video's Avatar captain_video 05:37 AM 08-03-2012
Scavenge the hard drives and take what's left to the computer/electronics recycle bin at your local landfill. You can try and sell them on ebay, but for what you'd get it's hardly worth the effort. You could also donate them to Goodwill or other local charity and take the tax credit. Unless a Tivo has lifetime service attached they have very little resale value.
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