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karos's Avatar karos 07:02 PM 08-22-2012
dq77kb intel mobo, cpu i5 3450s
windows 7 pro 64bit
using native intel hd4000 graphics through hdmi to nad t175 preamp

arcsoft tmt5 plays dts master hd files beautifully through the hdmi. however there is no sound when it plays h264 encoded mp4 files. the audio is encoded at 48khz stereo, the only available audio option is hdmi. no other mixing options are available in tmt5.

these mp4 files play fine with windows media player, vlc2.03 and media player classic without any changes to the sound settings.

i like the video of tmt5 but am wondering if anyone has gotten it to play mp4 files.

karos's Avatar karos 07:55 PM 08-26-2012
so can anyone play mp4 files WITH sound using TMT5 or is my motherboard the problem?