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groston's Avatar groston 10:23 PM 08-31-2012

My HTPC is in desperate need of being replaced. For the new computer, I intend to use a SiliconDust HD Homerun Prime for providing video content and Win 7 Media Center for recording programs. One feature I truly want this time around is an integrated remote control.

Based on my research, it seems that iMON VFD has the market cornered. Their device comes preinstalled in cases by Antec, Silverstone, Thermaltake, and possibly others. It further seems that most any chassis can be configured like these as the version of the iMON VFD which mounts in a drive bay appears to offer identical functionality. My concern is that this device seems to garner mixed reviews. (My concern is due, in part, to the fact that some of the driver files provided date back almost a full decade!)

So, my questions to this group are these:
  1. Is the iMON device acceptable or should it be avoided? Since I let my computers go into standby mode, the actual power on/off functionality does not add greatly to the utility of this solution.
  2. Are there other standalone solutions and/or cases I should consider? I would like to keep the case cost to less than $200.

Thank you!

mgftp's Avatar mgftp 05:35 AM 09-02-2012
I searched for hours for a built in IR case.

I came to the conclusion from my research that IMon isn't worth fighting and there isn't another option for under 200. I hope someone can say I am wrong but this is what I have come up with.
jong1's Avatar jong1 12:16 PM 09-02-2012
Some do seem to hate iMon, but I have been using it in my silverstone LC20 case for 6 years and it works perfectly for me. The original remote is a bit of a monster - loads of very small keys - but I use a harmony remote and with this the shear number of buttons on the remote turn into an advantage - loads of buttons that can be used for programmable LCD functions.

Although the driver is old (I guess three hardware is simple and doesn't change) the Windows iMon Manager tool is regularly updated and I have found it to be functionally very capable. Not as complex as EventGhost or Girder but generally very up to the job.

I have just gutted the LC20 to install a new Ivy Bridge MB and SSD. The iMon carries on doing its job with any hint of response lag eliminated.
ljo000's Avatar ljo000 02:38 PM 09-03-2012
I was never able to get iMon to work properly, even in MCE mode. I've had much more success with a cheap generic USB IR receiver with a Harmony remote. However, that doesn't help if you want it internal. Why not connect a USB one to an internal header and drill a very small hole for the signal?

Something like this:

or this (with or without remote):
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