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purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 09:07 PM 09-01-2012
Anybody still using Media Center Studio to customize WMC? I had been up until a few days ago and I guess Microsoft pushed out something. Unlike before, the standard fix is not working for me.
I had been either using the fix described here ( or the executable file found here ( which simply automates the process. However, neither of those is working for me now. Anyone else in a similar situation? Anybody know a different way to take care of this?

bomberjim's Avatar bomberjim 10:45 PM 09-01-2012
That script worked for me. Restored my Media Center Studio customizations just fine.
tman247's Avatar tman247 04:20 AM 09-02-2012
I noticed MS had pushed out that god-awful startresources.dll file again this week, which screws up all your custom menu ordering you do in MCS. Happened to me, so I deleted the file, and now all back to normal. Not saying its this, but its a possibility.
unterix's Avatar unterix 04:03 PM 09-02-2012
Hi, same problem for me since tomorrow. But curiously, there wasn't any windows update...
Just following the instructions given in your link :

"... rename the startresources.dll file to startresrouces.dll.old and create a new file with the same name (blank file). Location: ‘C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\eHome\Packages\MCEClientU X\dSM’. There might also be a dSM-2 folder, if so do the same."

for me juste create a new file named startresources.dll and the problem was solved today for me. Hope this help you.
purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 06:44 AM 09-03-2012
Like I said, the normal fixes are no longer working. I'm thinking I may try XBMC or one of the other 10 ft. interfaces. Or I may just try a fresh install; it's been a while.
cybrsage's Avatar cybrsage 09:01 AM 09-03-2012
It does work, you just have to manually run the fix once. I did that and poof, back to working just fine. I have rebooted since and no problems.
Noisykid's Avatar Noisykid 06:20 PM 09-03-2012
Had the same problem - My MCS customization disappeared. I just deleted StatResources.dll and I'm back up and running.
purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 12:47 PM 09-04-2012
Unfortunately running the fix manually doesn't seem to help me either. Looks like I'll be doing a clean install for now. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the XBMC interface. Is anyone out there still using WMC to record TV but using a different program for your media center interface? Any suggestions? It's so disappointing that Microsoft isn't really supporting WMC development and that so much of the hacker group that made WMC even better seems to have moved on...
Tyborg's Avatar Tyborg 06:24 PM 09-04-2012
My automated process worked fine for me this week. My wife has been trained, by me, to report any oddities with the HTPC. She told me sometime within the last week that the menus got all screwed up and she restarted it and everything was back to normal.
purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 09:05 AM 09-06-2012
Well, I'm in the middle of an fresh install now. I kind of needed it anyway so we'll see what happens. I really hope I get it working again as I'd like to keep using WMC and WMC only.
bryansj's Avatar bryansj 10:51 AM 09-06-2012
Originally Posted by Noisykid View Post

Had the same problem - My MCS customization disappeared. I just deleted StatResources.dll and I'm back up and running.

This is what I did too. I created a blank StartResources.dll to replace the deleted ones. I opened MC Studio and made a slight change, reverted that change, and saved. Luckily all my modifications where still intact and I didn't have to recreate anything.
purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 03:23 PM 09-06-2012
Are you saying I should have opened MCS and made a change and that would have made a difference? I don't remember ever doing that before, but I guess I should have tried.
purplestallion's Avatar purplestallion 09:49 AM 09-07-2012
Well, I finished my fresh install. The automated fix worked fine during the initial setup so I guess it's just wait and see if it will work on any new updates from Microsoft. Honestly can't see what the problem was before.
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