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Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 11:38 AM 09-18-2012
Although I like PLEX, it is buggy and hangs when trying to stream via 3g/4g when on the move and switching towers or hitting "data holes". I try to watch a TV show or something on my commute and can only get in about 15minutes maximum during an hour commute.

I am thinking of transcoding what I may want to watch from mkv to mp4 and dumping it on my andriod before I go to avoid this problem.

Any suggestions of transcoding s/w for this purpose would be awesome! Thanks!

EDIT: any suggestions for a mkv player app that is not-intrusive for my andriod would be good too.

pronk's Avatar pronk 09:54 PM 09-18-2012
I've started doing that I don't have that much stuff to convert.

I've been using handbrake along with Rokoding. A bit time consuming, I haven't checked to see if there is a way to script this. Here is Rokoding site:
olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 12:32 AM 09-19-2012
If the video and/or audio are already correct and you just need to repackage it as an MP4 use AVIDeMux . (Copy Video, Copy Audio, MP4 container). Don't forget to add the extension to the output file as AVIDeMux doesn't.

PS: You can also use it to change the audio or video codec.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 08:16 AM 09-19-2012
Thanks guys. I think I'll give AVIDeMux a try. The mkv's already have the correct video and audio. I just need to change them to mp4 for playback on my android or use an android player that supports mkv. These files are typically 1Gb TV shows. If I were to do a movie, wouldn't I need to compress them or does AVIDeMux automatically do that for me?
Bonzai543's Avatar Bonzai543 08:38 AM 09-19-2012
I've tried most of the android players that are available and found that MX Player does better than the rest. Actually the stock video player on my Galaxy S3 plays about any MKV I've thrown at it.
If you have a miro SD slot you could just get a couple of 32 GB memory sticks and fill them with whatever you want with no transcoding. I love Plex, but haven't tried it while on the move. Plays great from work though!
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 09:25 AM 09-19-2012
I have the MX player. Installed it yesterday. Just need to upload some mkv's to my phone and give it a try.

The stock player on my Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S with keyboard) does not support mkv, unfortunatelly.
almostinsane's Avatar almostinsane 04:53 PM 09-19-2012
MX Player is great - I use it to stream MKV's over my network to my Nexus 7.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 06:40 PM 09-19-2012
Is there a server component to install on your PC or can you directly access shared drives?

I'm looking to use it to playback local content that I put on my phone for use during travel.
almostinsane's Avatar almostinsane 07:21 PM 09-19-2012
I use ES File Explorer to view NAS shares then play the files with MX.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 07:26 AM 09-20-2012
Originally Posted by almostinsane View Post

I use ES File Explorer to view NAS shares then play the files with MX.

Okay, so it's another android app to view your shared files on your network.

I tranfered a 3Gb mkv to the sd card on my phone. It plays video but not audio which is dts @ 48000Hz. Does MX Player not support dts?
Bonzai543's Avatar Bonzai543 09:09 AM 09-20-2012
MX player used to play DTS in previous versions. Now you have to do some crazy build with ffmpeg to get the "unsupported" codec. See!searchin/mx-videoplayer/DTS for more details. Sounds like they are trying to support it in an upcoming version. My stock player doesn't do DTS either, so I may dive in and give this a try. Most/All of my DTS movies are over the 4GB limit for my SD card, so I never really tested it before.
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 09:16 AM 09-20-2012
I saw the codec d/l's on the play store too but didn't download them because it said not to unless MX player requests it. So I'll look into that some more.
Bonzai543's Avatar Bonzai543 12:09 PM 09-21-2012
Well, I'm too lazy to dive in, but I did "find" an older version (1.6e) of MX player that does play DTS very nicely on my phone. I had to check the option for S/W audio and then DTS worked. Find the free version at the developers site here:
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 12:53 PM 09-21-2012
Is this the one you are talking about?

MX Player 1.6g Jun 13, 2012 10:43 AM MX Player

Do I just download it on my phone and it installs just like any other app or is there something special to installing it?
Bonzai543's Avatar Bonzai543 01:22 PM 09-21-2012
From what I read, you need version 1.6e, because they broke DTS in version 1.6f. It's on the site I listed, just scroll down a ways and you'll find it. There are 2 versions for 1.6e, I needed the Neon version for my phone. Yeah, just install it from the file manager in your phone/tablet after you copy it to a folder on your phone/tablet. Don't forget to go to Settings - Decoder and check S/W audio.

I downloaded the free version (with adds). They also have a pro version after you try it and like it!
Sammy2's Avatar Sammy2 08:05 PM 09-21-2012
Well I'm getting audio but it is sporadic.. on and off. Maybe I don't have enough processor in my (original) Epic 4G.
Bonzai543's Avatar Bonzai543 10:23 AM 09-22-2012
That may be the case. I just did a test by splitting (using MKVmerge) a full bluray copy of Star Wars into 8 parts with DTS audio (not DTS-Master) and copyed 1 part to my phone and it played flawlessly. I was actually shocked that a phone could do that. The S3 seems more powerfull than any computer I've had until about 3 years age.
MoNkLorD's Avatar MoNkLorD 12:13 PM 09-22-2012
I use QLoud to stream to my GS2 if i need to convert and move to phone....I use airvideo (apple app Like QLoud but better) it allows me to convert mkv movies to mp4 or stream to iphone or ipad.
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