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car421's Avatar car421 11:16 AM 09-30-2012
OK, so my HTPC started acting up - running slow, programs locking up so I shut it down. When I opened the case up I found all the fins of the CPU heat sink clogged with dust. After carefully vacuuming out all the dust I hooked up the HTPC and when I pressed the power button power started cycling to the motherboard. I once again disconnected and checked all the connectons and reconnected with the same results - power would cycle. I changed out the power supply and that took care of the power cycling but now it won't boot up.

I am lucky enough that I have a second HTPC that has the exact same components with the exception of the power supply. I can hear the HD when I try and boot but nothing happens. So I was thinking that I could start with the HD and put it in the other system and see what happens then do the same with the memory. I have a bad feeling that it could be the CPU or motherboard and really would prefer to not swap the CPU because I am concerned with damaging the CPU's.

Anyone have any other suggestions, am I missing something or is this the best plan?
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drtdiver's Avatar drtdiver 11:56 AM 09-30-2012
first make sure everything is seated properly. ram, expansion cards, and all power cables.
car421's Avatar car421 02:16 PM 09-30-2012
Checked to make sure everything was snug and still won't boot. Moved HD to the other system and system boots but now is stuck on the "Welcome" screen and the circle spinning.
car421's Avatar car421 03:20 PM 09-30-2012
Now it has been stuck on "Start up Repair" for about an hour.
Ruiner's Avatar Ruiner 03:30 PM 09-30-2012
Boot from an Ubuntu Live CD without the HDD connected and see how it runs.
Tiddles88's Avatar Tiddles88 03:42 PM 09-30-2012
Looks like the mobo has given up. If you vacuumed up the the dust you may have blown off a capacitor. That or simple age. If a working PSU won't do it, all signs point to the mobo. Is that an Asrock mobo by any chance, and how old?
car421's Avatar car421 04:33 PM 09-30-2012
It's a ASUS Socket 1156/Intel H55/HDMI/A and V and GbE/MATX Motherboard P7H55-M PRO. It is about 15 months old. What is bothering me now is that I hook up the HD to the other system and it will either get stuck on "start up repair" or the Welcome screen.
car421's Avatar car421 04:34 PM 09-30-2012
Originally Posted by Ruiner View Post

Boot from an Ubuntu Live CD without the HDD connected and see how it runs.
Not sure how to go about doing that.
captain_video's Avatar captain_video 05:23 PM 09-30-2012
Download an image of Ubuntu Linux and create a boot CD from the iso image. Set up the BIOS to boot from the CD and see if it boots.
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 05:24 PM 09-30-2012
Try restarting it again?

Use windows recovery from DVD?

You could always remove the hard drive and add it to the other system and copy off the contents you want then reinstall to that hardrive in the same machine fresh. Then put back on the content.

Hard way to do it- but it's what I would do as it is certain to work 100% perfectly. Fresh installs are nice sometimes.
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