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H8nXTC's Avatar H8nXTC 01:31 PM 10-12-2012
Anyone get one or considering one?

I'm waiting to try out the A85X to arrive here to check out.

Tiddles88's Avatar Tiddles88 01:36 PM 10-12-2012
Meh. An Intel i3 smashes any current Trinity APU CPU-wise. I'd also prefer known quality brands. Biostar is third tier, second at best. Stick with Gigabyte and Asus.
H8nXTC's Avatar H8nXTC 11:35 PM 10-12-2012
It seems to have features that the Asus and Gigabyte don't, also, why do you assume it's only F2? The link shows Z77 and H77 motherboards.
Tiddles88's Avatar Tiddles88 12:08 AM 10-13-2012
What features? My H77M-D3H has a VIA audio chip with a SNR of 110, same as that series. I also have solid caps and all the durability marketing fluff too. There are no real added features. I won't buy Biostar just like I won't buy Asrock. They never have been first tier.
jdcrox's Avatar jdcrox 01:58 AM 10-13-2012
I have never owned an Asrock, but I have had numerous Biostar MB's. Never had a single problem with one. Seemed like quality boards.
Certainly not considered in the same class as Gigabyte or Asus, but then I have had both of those brands fail!
H8nXTC's Avatar H8nXTC 02:02 AM 10-13-2012
Well, if you can't look at the link...

Most interestingly to me, it comes with a microphone that let's to set up the surround system to adjust each speaker (I'm sure it's not the same microphone and software available with other motherboards for similar setups). Seems like it might be similar to the Onkyo received setup.
All-Or-Nothing's Avatar All-Or-Nothing 09:20 PM 12-15-2012
I have the A85W on the way right now. It's going in a nMedia 6000B case with the A10-5800K.
StardogChampion's Avatar StardogChampion 09:31 PM 12-15-2012
I've always been and still will be an ASUS/Gigabyte guy. But, I will say, after the sh*t I've been through lately, there is no safe bet and all the brands suck the same. I am none too please the stuff I am having the least issue with says Biostar and ECS on it. I've gotten friggin' Gigabyte power issues, ASUS video issue and ASRock is just one f*cking mess after another. It's all an absolute crap shoot.
captain_video's Avatar captain_video 08:34 AM 12-16-2012
I usually tend to go with whatever boards are recommended in the threads by Renethx or Assassin for HTPC builds. However, I've used boards from Asus, ASRock, Biostar, MSI, ECS, A-Bit, Gigabyte, Intel, and some off-brand boards as well. I've never been into overclocking or tweaking the boards for extra performance, mainly because I don't have a need to squeeze every last bit of speed out of them for what I use them for. All of my HTPC builds have used Asus, ASRock, Intel, or MSI motherboards. The only bad boards I've ever owned that required warranty replacements were from Intel, and I had two bad boards in a row of different models. Needless to say I'm not going to waste my time on another Intel board. Motherboards these days from any (almost) name vendor will work in a HTPC. The main thing to consider is what features they offer in the way of expansion (i.e., number of PCI-e/PCI slots, SATA 2/3 ports, USB 2/3 ports, etc.). Depending on your planned setup, you may not even need extra expansion slots or ports. Performance features aren't that crucial with a HTPC unless you plan on using it as a gaming rig.

The only area in which I tend to disagree with the recommendations is that they're usually either microATX or mini-ITX boards. I like a HTPC with lots of tuners so I need a full-size ATX board for the maximum number of slots. The smaller boards have a limited number of slots so they are of no use to me. I also upgrade the integrated Realtek NIC with an Intel gigabit NIC, which requires another PCI-e slot. Throw in a pair of Ceton InfiniTV4's and a couple of dual ATSC tuners and I'm already up to five PCI-e slots. Most boards these days only have 4 PCI-e slots or less so my choices tend to be somewhat limited.
jprovence's Avatar jprovence 06:33 PM 12-16-2012
Count me out until these things can hardware decode TrueHD and DTS MA and output 8 analog channels. That's all I want. I''m not upgrading my receiver for this when I am Pre-Amp in.
captain_video's Avatar captain_video 06:15 AM 12-17-2012
Originally Posted by jprovence View Post

Count me out until these things can hardware decode TrueHD and DTS MA and output 8 analog channels. That's all I want. I''m not upgrading my receiver for this when I am Pre-Amp in.
I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for this to happen. There are already dedicated sound cards and software apps that can do this for you.
All-Or-Nothing's Avatar All-Or-Nothing 05:38 PM 12-25-2012
Well I recieved my Biostar A85W for Christmas. No review yet as I'm waiting for the A10-5800K to arrived to pair with it. Sexy looking board.
C17chief's Avatar C17chief 07:03 PM 12-25-2012
I never understand why people knock some of these long time brands. Biostar has been around since at least the XT days and have always been perfectly fine for what they are. If you want a boatload of features and overeclocking settings for an enthusiast system, then sure, asus, gigabyte, etc is where you want to be. If you don't need that sort of stuff, there is no reason not to consider some of those other long time brands if the model suits your needs. I too have had a lot of gigabyte and asus boards over the years, as well as a lot of biostar, ecs, etc too. Also I too, the few issues I have ever had with motherboards have been with the feature rich asus/gigabyte boards and not a single one with the cheaper more basic boards. I think that's more by design then brand as anyone can make a solid reference board, but throw lots of tweakable features on it, there is just a lot more that needs to play nice. For htpc I would be more inclined to have a solid basic board.
captain_video's Avatar captain_video 06:33 PM 12-26-2012
I bought my first Biostar board a couple of months ago to replace the mobo in my primary PC. I bought it because it happened to be on sale at the time when I needed a new board. So far it works as well as any other brand I've used in the past, and I've probably tried just about every brand with but one or two exceptions. These days the main thing I look for in a motherboard is how many expansion slots and SATA ports it has for the intended purpose. I'm not all that concerned whether or not its won some sort of award or if it received a Tom's Hardware recommendation. If you look at most of the reviews for similar boards, the difference in performance between the top board and the one ranked at the bottom is almost negligible save for a few specific features. For HTPC use you can pretty much ignore all the bells and whistles included with the flagship models and stick with the more budget-minded boards.
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