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10-19-2012 | Posts: 5,082
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I am long time Mediabrowser user who has decided to give XBMC a shot. So far I like it, but there is one major drawback that has prevented me from using it.

In Mediabrowser, on the EHS screen I have the below categories setup:
TV Shows
Kids Videos

In Mediabrowser, this is super simple to set up, I just create the categories in in Configurator and assign the folders to that category. XBMC doesn't seem to have that same simplicity. I have figured out how to add the custom category names, but it's not working correctly. For instance, my Kids Videos folder is a mixture of childrens movies and TV shows, but when I set the folder up, I was prompted to assign it as either a Movies folder or a TV folder. Since most of it is TV, that is what I assigned it to, but when I click into a DVD rip, for instance, it doesn't recognize the file type, and I have to navigate all the way down to the Video_TS folder. If I change the category to Movie, then it doesn't recognize the multiple episodes inside a season folder.

Also, even though I have added these items to their own category, they are still populating in the default Movies and TV folders, which I do not want, though they do work correctly when access from there.

Right now, I am sticking with MB because of this for the wife/kid factor. I don't want to have to explain to them why they have to click down three more levels to the TS file, when in MB they just find the show and go.

I like the plugins for XBMC and I personally bounce between the two a little bit, but I would like to have one solution
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10-20-2012 | Posts: 532
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Try using smart playlists. You may want to put kids movies and tv in separate folders.
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10-22-2012 | Posts: 5,082
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Originally Posted by DanPackMan View Post

You may want to put kids movies and tv in separate folders.

I have an almost 3 year old that is incredibly bright and has figured out how to access all her shows through the one folder. Despite being bright, training her to know that Nemo is a movie and Dora is a TV Show isn't going to happen, so dual folders is not an option at the moment. Since Mediabrowser does it without hassle I have no problem sticking with that, I was just wondering if XBMC could do it. I have yet to figure out why almost everyone makes setting up a library so difficult. Mediabrowser has it down where you just create a category and tell the software what folders to look at, and then it does the rest. Everyone else makes it far more complicated than it has any business being
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10-22-2012 | Posts: 532
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Don't underestimate that 3 year old. She'll probably be configuring it herself before long!

I believe that if you had both in separate folders scanned to the appropriate TV/Movie libraries, you could create a smart playlist with content from both, therefore it would all be found in the same menu but solve the file type problem. Maybe someone who has done something similar can chime in.
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