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11-14-2012 | Posts: 192
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With black friday coming up, I plan on buying whatever 2tb drives are on sale. But am thinking of turning off duplication for every thing and just turning it on for my photos, personal documents, and pc backups. I only have around 6tb but with duplication on for my video files, my usable space is pretty small.

So before I add the new larger drives (and swap out some smaller drives that are currently being used) should I turn off duplication before or after ?

I am looking at swapping the larger drives in, then when WHS claims a drive is missing, I simply remove them from the WHS console? Does that sound right? I shouldnt lose any data if I have duplication on prior to removing the old drives, correct?
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You'll very likely lose some client PC backups doing that because backups aren't duplicated and are spread across many drives. You can retain them if you remove a drive thru console while it's still online. WHS can relocate data and backups then. If I were doing it, I'd turn off duplication, as necessary, to get enough space to pull one then remove an existing drive from the pool via console, shut-down, physically remove the drive and install the new one, start back up and add the new one to the pool.

As an alternative to that you can make a backup database backup (there's a WHSv1 add-in to do that) then save that on a network share and restore it after the rebuild.
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Definitely use WHS console to remove the drive you want to replace first. Otherwise, you will loss a lot more data than you imagine and possibly put the drive pool out of sync. Before doing that, I'd run a WHS garbage collection job to remove the deleted backup data so that it takes less time for WHS to move the data around to take one drive out of the pool.
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Thanks. Ill do that.
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