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while i thank the authors for spending their time providing freewares to people... my time is more important to me.

again... everything was working nice...but since there was some free time...i had nothing better to do than fiddle with software...

so i decided why not try WMC again... cause it can make it more pretty.... use the remote to navigate ... wow factors galore

oh well it doesnt play all files,,,, surprise... why not try Shark codecs...
ok it played all files now,
using some weird renderer that increases colors saturation and destroys detail... sorry ..."noise reduction"
and then it decides to freeze randomly in middle of movies, for like 2 minutes and then catch up with audio WTF ... nice,,, i fiddle with the splitters setting in Shark ... no consistent results... FINE
go back to MPCHC ... great... now this is freezes randomly also >:X

aside from that, i tried to make it a more pretty mess (get pictures/etc for movie files) so i install this Media Center "Master"
this thing is a snail, have no idea why it so SLOW to send and parse text (movie/file names,plot,actor names), it finds the right movie ... then because there's 10 others similar, it decides to SKIP ... WTF
combine that with the very SLOW to respond interface....
and then it didnt say anywhere (easy to comprehend) that it will create damn folders for every damn movie and throw 10 files in there...
but wait, if there's similar named files it moves them all in 1 folder.. BUT it doesnt look up the movie metadata like that... so how the **** do i lookup the movie again without moving the files out of the folder???

yea its more pretty than WMC but so what??
its still a pain, and setting this up is worsened by the way they lay out the setup
installing addons, i spent like half hour figuring out how to install the Metropolis skin .. supposedly theres a Skin addon setup ... but there isnt, then go on the forum, it doesnt say how to install, but the author post has a SMALL text "Metropolis Available in Passion Repo" ... ok ... you think installing the Passion Repo was 30 seconds??? ... or ... i wanted to use the Warm theme of the Aeon theme ... they link a zip file to download... but there's no instruction WHERE TO UNZIP IT...gave that up...
the XBMC setup is semi-crap, spread out chose library source from each media category (not in the main setup): Movies/Music, and it adds files ....sometimes... other times you need to press something like Scan
there's no renderer setup, just something like software/auto/DXVA ... so i chose DXVA ...and a damn "noise reduction" like renderer makes a PASTY mess of detail
all movies play with SUBTITLES ON ... WTF ... theres no central way of disabling subtitles

i think thats about it ...
so after spending like 10 hours over like 5 days... now im UNINSTALLING ALL THIS CRAP, going back to the simple ways where playing a file WORKS...
oh .. WTF is this the shark "X64 components" cant be uninstalled because i uninstalled shark ... buggersnots.
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Your slightly right on some of this but it's overshadowed by your "user error" in many areas.

Why not use your favorite external player in mediabrowser since you seem most comfortable with that ?
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not to make light of your frustrations, but that was actually an entertaining read. something like "***** my dad says" episode.

buggersnots! lol
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Hmmm......lots of issues there but everything you said you couldn't do in XBMC you actually can do and relatively simply. For example why would you need to be told where to uninstall a zipped addon when there is a menu option to install from a zip file.rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by bulls View Post

again... everything was working nice...but since there was some free time...i had nothing better to do than fiddle with software...

Was there a backup of the system partition in this state -- the state where "everything was working nice"?

If not, then this is definitely a teachable moment for you. (And, no, I'm not condescending here... I've made the same mistake, and simply offer this in hopes that you can learn from my own error!)


So in your case, after everything went to hell and then you finally decided to ininstall everything you introduced, you wouldn't have had to struggle with the bad UNINSTALL you described (I've been burned there too). You could have just restored the system to the good state it in was before the "mess" was made by the software you subsequently installed.

I really have nothing better to contribute to this topic, and nothing more to say other than I sincerely hope that you get your issues resolved.

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Yes HTPC's can be a pain to get them to work the way you want. The front ends can't really be plug and play since there are so many different needs, file types, hardware, yada, yada... Front ends like XBMC are extremely configurable to do most/all of what you want but can seem overwhelming to setup since there is a lot to go through. Or like you see with WMC, it takes 10 minutes to setup but you can't do much of any customizing. Personally I use Mediaportal (somewhere between the two I think) but for me I wanted to play BD's which are straight rips and requires an external player (TMT or PowerDVD) and when I was getting into it XBMC was a PITA to use an external player - not sure if they fixed that by now. Mediaportal supported it nicely, just took some tinkering in the setup. 10 hours is not a lot of time to figure out this kind of stuff, trying the different front ends until you find the one you like, and how to configure it to your liking. I've been into HTPC for a few years and TBH I'm still figuring out some stuff. it's a hobby in itself. Keep plugging away at it and reading the forums, you'll get there.
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