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11-30-2012 | Posts: 2
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Hello there!

My system
Laptop: Samsung NP700G7C (Series 7 gamer laptop), Windows 8, Geforce GTX 675M, latest Nvidia High Definition Audio Drivers, not latest Geforce Graphics Drivers
TV: Toshiba 46XV733G (it can pass-through 5.1 via toslink)
Receiver: Harman Kardon AVR 500 (no HDMI-socket)

What I want to achieve: Playing PC games with 5.1, ideally with the picture on the TV. Therefore connecting PC -> HDMI -> TV -> optical -> AVR
What I've achieved by now:
Playback a 5.1 video via VLC Player wich Audio settings in the player set to SPDIF
Getting Stereo sound from the PC over TV to the receiver

What I can't seem to achieve is getting Win 8 to send 5.1 to the TV. I already read a lot about this stuff, that this might most probably have to do with the EDID of the TV, that I only see Stereo as an output option in the audio settings of the HDMI-Output. Considering that video playback works fine, everything should work if the audio driver wouldn't be that stubborn, right??

Is there any way to override the EDID or force the Nvidia HD Audio Driver to send it in 5.1 regardless of the TV?
If not, what's the best solution? A splitter which splits the HDMI to HDMI and toslink, so I put the toslink directly into the receiver? Would that even work or does my pc also say I can only use 2 channels becaus of what information he reads of the via HDMI connected TV?
Or is it necessary to buy an external sound card and plug this into the receiver and additionally a hdmi into the TV?

There's one more info I figure which could mean something or nothing considering this problem. In the Nvidia HDMI Out Properties where there's standing maximum number of channels: 2, there's in the Encoded Formats only Dolby Digital listed. Don't know it this would change when you plug the HDMI into a different device.

I hope everything was well understandable, I'm from Austria, english isn't my native langauge
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11-30-2012 | Posts: 851
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if you are gonna send through the TV, your audio has to be encoded as dolby digital/ac3. I'm not sure how you can do that.

You are gonna want to buy an hdmi receiver, and go from pc>reciever>tv
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Well it worked with watching a video. At least when I selected SPDIF in the VLC player, I got 3/2.1 on the receiver. So my guess would be there should be some software solution to make this work with games as well. Also it works when I plug in a hardware media player via hdmi on the TV that it passes through the 5.1 to my receiver.

Yes, buying a hdmi receiver would solve everything, but I'd like to keep the expenses low on that, and beside this particular problem there's no need for a new receiver yet.
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11-30-2012 | Posts: 851
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for watching videos, you can set up ffdshow audio decoder on a directshow player like mpc hc to encode multichannel audio to dolby digital.
Also, the video might already be in dolby digital, which is why it works sometimes with vlc.
but yea, for games, i don't know how you can convert it to dolby digital.
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