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smilejedimind's Avatar smilejedimind 08:07 AM 12-05-2012
I would like to play blu-rays off my htpc using dts-hd ma, software for the blu ray decode. Now if im understanding this right the best way to run hd audio of this type is to use a graphics card that supports such audio and run the audio streamed from gpu's hdmi to avr hdmi for avr decode of dts-hd ma sig. Now im assuming this is going to be the best way to do this, i was also thinking that you could use software to decode all the audio and run it on the analog rca outs to the avr, or the other idea which i don't think will work is to stream the dts-hd ma over digital coax to the avr for decode or internal decode then over coax to avr but i am pretty sure that's not how this works tongue.gif

So if the first part is true would that mean i don't need a soundcard anymore? or would i still want the sound card for running all the regular ac3 dts and audio only mp3 flac etc etc, im least familiar with hdmi but as i understand, it does basically everthing.

This is also a gaming rig, so going to assume that the hdmi audio out will be able to function fine running multiple audio sources at the same time, say farcry 3, jriver and teamspeak3, whether it be from one card running all 3 clients or 2 cards with clients spread game on number 1 music off number 2. so one card would be designated as your systems audio i am guessing.

Trying to see what my options are to take the next best course of actions here.

Your replies will be gratefully appreciated.

pittsoccer33's Avatar pittsoccer33 08:22 AM 12-05-2012
if you are able to output sound over HDMI on your computer you no longer need your sound car.
smilejedimind's Avatar smilejedimind 09:46 AM 12-05-2012
Well looks like i will sell the 3 older gfx's cards i have along with the sound card and get a new hdmi card then.

Anyone else have any insights, i wont be limiting myself any way in the audio department if i swtich to an hdmi only setup?.
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