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mayhem13's Avatar mayhem13 11:25 PM 12-09-2012
Getting ready for a new i5 build for speedy rips of BD to HDD/ BD playback needed. I understand new Cinavia restrictions won't allow newer drivers to rip BD's? Any workaround for this issue?

acejh1987's Avatar acejh1987 03:26 AM 12-10-2012
As far as I know Cinavia restrictions (Or any other protection) do not stop you ripping from any BD Drive.
As for recommendations just look for a drive with a high read speed 10X +
mayhem13's Avatar mayhem13 02:46 PM 12-10-2012
Speculation on my part.....sorry. I remember reading in Assasins guide that some drives had firmware that prevented ripping.
jim2100's Avatar jim2100 07:42 PM 12-10-2012
I have an LG WH14NS40 that works well with MakeMKV and AnyDVD-HD. It is also fast, does not come with rip-lock, and sells for about $70.

Cinavia will not prevent ripping. That is not how Cinavia works. Cinavia will prevent the ripped movie from playing back on players that check for Cinavia, which is most of the recent commercial ones. But MPC-HC plays all my MKVs fine, Cinavia or not.
renethx's Avatar renethx 07:59 PM 12-10-2012
I second WH14NS40 (the latest and the fastest [perhaps]).
Ryan__M's Avatar Ryan__M 11:28 PM 12-10-2012
I've tried a couple ROMs (about 2 years difference in age) sorry cant remember part #'s but I didn't notice any difference in ripping speed. I'm typically about 45mins average for a rip using AnyDVD. Anybody getting anything significantly better than that? FWIW I use TMT5 for play back and have not had any issues with cinavia.... didn't even know it existed until not too long ago.
djdcm0722's Avatar djdcm0722 11:46 PM 12-10-2012
I use the ASUS BC-12B1ST. No rip lock and rip movies at about 5-6x which comes down to about a 1gig a minute. Full movies with HD audio take about 20-30min and kids animated films (typically smaller file size) take about 15-20 min.
acejh1987's Avatar acejh1987 12:58 AM 12-11-2012
So which drives have Firmware that prevents ripping?
I know some have Rip Lock that limits the rip speed, but I didn't know that there were any that prevented it completely.
renethx's Avatar renethx 01:36 AM 12-11-2012
There is no drive / firmware that cannot rip. Every drive can rip if it can read. Riplock is just artificially slow down the read / write speed for some purposes (e.g. reducing noise).

Many drives are not riplocked. WH14NS40 is perhaps not riplocked.
jim2100's Avatar jim2100 01:20 PM 12-11-2012
Originally Posted by renethx View Post

Many drives are not riplocked. WH14NS40 is perhaps not riplocked.

I've always thought "rip-lock" was an unfortunate name. It would be more accurate to call it rip-lag or rip-slow.

My LG WH14NS40 was not rip-locked. Which surprised me since previous LG models I purchased were rip-locked and had to have the firmware modded and flashed to remove rip-lock.
Mfusick's Avatar Mfusick 01:29 PM 12-11-2012
I believe you won't have any trouble with MAKMKV since it swaps over to direct disc access mode- if your drive can read you can use it. It works great.

Often times it will suggest you change the region or firmware - and provide a link to website where you can do so since this can remove some of the anti piracy features if needed.

You can essentially buy any drive. Look for fast read speeds if that is your intended purpose. Often they first list write speeds, or other media read speeds - but you should pay attention to the read speed of the media your going to be using IMO.
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