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CaptainKen's Avatar CaptainKen 04:34 PM 12-29-2012
I’m trying to figure out why the PC view area doesn’t take up the entire 52” LCD TV screen? In the attached pic notice the arrow in the upper left corner detailing my issue.

The specs on the LCD state the resolution is 1920x1080 and the PC resolution matches.

Andy_Steb's Avatar Andy_Steb 04:41 PM 12-29-2012
It's like that to compensate for overscan.

You need to check your drivers for scaling.
What video card are you using?
CaptainKen's Avatar CaptainKen 05:26 PM 12-29-2012
Thank you Andy for replying. I have a "512MB ATI Radeon HD4350".
CaptainKen's Avatar CaptainKen 07:05 PM 12-29-2012
Well mentioning the overscan got me poking around in the Catalyst Software Suite, but there were no overscan settings to be found.

So I clicked check for updates and found one. It was dated 07-24-12 v12.6, which was much newer than mine. After updating to it I got a whole different interface and found the setting which resolved my problem as shown here. I had to move the slider from dead center all the way to the right.

Thank you again!

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