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aussienuck's Avatar aussienuck 05:10 AM 01-03-2013
Edited my post to explain my self a little better...
Hi all,

The system i have has worked fine for over a year, and i thought i would post this issue im having up here as i dont know where else to go.

I have a home theater solution:
6 series 5 year old Samsung LCD Full HD TV,
HTPC now running openelec with Intel HD Graphics 1000 (GT1), (IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® CPU G620 @ 2.60GHz
Onkyo av receiver. (TX-SR 309)

I've been using windows on my htpc for a year, successfully. Until last month i discovered an unfix able handshake problem with (from what i can gather) windows pushing media through HDMI to my av receiver and on to my Samsung LCD. I get a blue screen. I thought this could be fixed simply by matter of insuring that everything upstream was ready to receive content before turning on the source (the HTPC) for example, I turn on the TV first, turn to correct video source, turn on av receiver-switch it to the correct channel and then turn on HTPC.

This appeared to work (very) in-frequently for a week or two, at which stage it would no longer. The HTPC still worked when i took the av receiver out of the equation, and just plugged it into the TV via HDMI...for a few weeks more, on and off. Now the HTPC wont push and signal through to the TV even with out the av receiver, it gives me a black screen and a 'no signal' when plugged into the tv directly via HDMI.

I have had the HTPC checked by the guy that build it, works fine still. (im assuming he plugged it into a pc monitor. I've had the av receiver checked by Onkyo authorized techs, works fine no faults. They would have just checked it with a bluray player or something simple they had in shop and ran it via hdmi thorugh to a tv they had i guess.

I took the HTPC and the av receiver in together to a retailer and told the salesmen if he can get a signal plugging these two into any TV in his shop ill buy it (trying to eliminate the TV as the problem) Same blue screen when plugged into brand new Samsung and Sony LEDs. I have tried every different HDMI port, av receiver channel and all 5 of my HDMI cords in every conceivable order and hdmi socket... Blue screen still. Something worth mentioning is that i can plug a samsung bluray player into the av receiver and it pushes the signal through to the tv fine, as does my WD media player when hooked in. Also im on the HTPC right now hooked up to the Samsung LCD via DVI.

I assumed it was a windows problem, however i have openelec running now and it still gives me the blue screen and black 'no signal'. Has anybody come across a similar handshake issue. It appears the tv doesn't like content via hdmi from the htpc anymore. On two very rare occasions the blue screen was preceeded by a pink fuzzy one indicating that the tv doesn't like the video feed, but i guess that's obvious.

I suppose my next step will be to take the htpc in and have them check it with a different receiver in store. I dont think that will work though because the AV receiver isnt the problem. Failing that replace the htpc intel card for different model? Get a dedicated graphics card from nVidia or AMD and check it with that

I would like to solve the issue in-case it happens again though.

Any help will be appreciated?

Here's some things i have tried:
Rolling back drivers
using windows restore point
Getting rid of windows and replacing with openelec
getting HDMI cords tested
Getting AV receiver tested
Getting HTPC checked and tested
using different ports on back of tv
turning on TV first, TV last, Amp first, Amp last, htpc first, htpc last tried just about every order including plugging in HDMI cords whilst devices are already on
Screaming at my fish


aussienuck's Avatar aussienuck 06:10 AM 01-03-2013
Waaaaahhhhhhhh !!!! Help Meeeeeeeeee !!
aussienuck's Avatar aussienuck 02:31 PM 01-03-2013
is this in the right section?, im really hoping for some advice here i dont know where else to go

olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 04:32 PM 01-03-2013
You might ask a mod to move this thread to the Home Theater PC section of the forum. Click that little red flag down there in the lower left corner.
aussienuck's Avatar aussienuck 06:52 PM 01-05-2013
update...tried a HDMI switch to no avail, will buy dGPU tomorrow and try that
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